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    Elevating my consciousness and learning techniques to use my mind effectively

    Interested in enhancing consciousness? Looking out for ancient practices and books to elevate consciousness and use the mind effectively? Here, on this check out suggestions from experts and decide further course of action.

    In recent years, I have had some enlightenment and have started reading spiritual texts (not necessarily religious). Have read some texts from Siddha Yoga lineage (Where are you going) to Buddhist texts. I have started meditating and becoming more aware of my mind and its activities (shocking and surprising content found at times).
    Can you suggest some practices and additional books that can help me continue to elevate my consciousness as well as continue to learn to use my mind effectively for personal and the greater good of all?
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  • Some simple techniques which elevate our consciousness and learning techniques to use our mind effectively are given below. I hope they are useful.
    1. Pranayama, the breathing exercise is very useful to increase your consciousness and learning techniques.
    2. By gently tapping in between the two eyebrows with your fingers, is another technique useful.
    3. Chanting devotional narration like stotras and mantras will also help.
    4. some people practice pressing their tongue to the roof of the mouth. This gives a lot of concentration, I understand.
    5. By spending sometime calmly closing your eyes in a dark room (Simple Meditation) will enhance the power.
    6. Laughing and smiling will help you to release your strain and tension and once you are free of this strain your mind will be more active.
    7, Lights and Music will give a lot of activeness to the mind. When your mind is empty and not able to think if you spend some time by listening music and observing lights, you will become active.
    8.Reading mythological books will also give lot of alertness to mind.

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  • Meditation and pranayam are the great ways to relax oneself and get exercised at the same times. These are the time tested techniques in our culture and adapting them will make a person mentally strong.
    There are many books available in our heritage for increasing ones knowledge spiritually as well mentally. Bhagwatgita, Vedas and Purans are some of them. If you are interested in analysis of our philosophy and other aspects books by Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan are there. The works of Swami Vivekananda are equally inspiring.
    There is lot to read and learn in Indian philosophy and many saints have taken their inspirations from there.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Raising ones consciousness level and elevating the mental level is a long drawn battle with oneself as the weaknesses inside a human being will always go in opposite directions of these progresses towards spiritual world.

    Reading such books which help us to develop our self in this direction is a great tool for self enlightenment and discovering the unknown.

    There are so many books on these matters by foreign as well as Indian writers. I will be restricting myself for Indian books as they are in tune with our culture and heritage. Some of the books are -
    Divine Nectar by Swami Sivananda
    Bhagavad Gita by A C Bhaktivedanta and Swami Prabhupada
    Forge your Future by APJ Abdul Kalam
    The story of my experiments with truth by Mahatma Gandhi
    Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore

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  • I'm glad to know that you are on the quest for enlightenment and the above suggestions are good. I'm still trying to understand life.
    Somethings I've found useful are
    Alpha meditation music/Tibetan chants ( I don't' understand much, but feel better)
    There's a simple 30 in 1 mantra box that plays the chants repetitively in the morning that helps us to be calm during the busy mornings.
    When I find some time, I try reading self-help books
    Secret letters of the monk who sold his Ferrari
    Who will cry when you die
    Tuesdays with Morrie
    very simple books with simple meanings in daily life.

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