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    How we can correct name in educational certificates

    Does some detail like name spelling not tally in certificates and documents? Worried if this will pose a problem in further studies or application for a job? Here, find advice from experts to your queries.

    My father's name does not match in: 12th marksheet (MP Board) and graduation with the name in 10th marksheet(CBSE). In my all id proofs like voter, adhar and PAN card the name is mentioned correctly.
    Would this pose any problems for future studies or government jobs?
    Also: my mother's name does not match in 12th class and 10th class marksheet.
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  • For your name, date of birth, father;s name and mother;s name, the standard document is your 10th class certificate. If this certificate is correct you may not have many problems. But all your certificates should have the same information. If there is any difference you have to get it corrected from the concerned authorities. In your case also you have to get all the certificated corrected. You can apply to the concerned authorities through your school and college for necessary correction. You have to attach an attested copy of your SSC certificate. You have to fill the required application and pay the fees. However, once you approach your Head Master of the school he will advise you accordingly in this. Please contact him at the earliest.

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  • This is a very important matter as difference in name will always pose a problem in verification of your documents whenever you go for higher education or apply for jobs.
    I advise you to give an application to your school and college authorities for correcting these errors which have crept in your marksheet or certificates.
    In support of your claim you have to give documents which are correctly showing their names like their Aadhar card or even voter card or ration cars.
    Please pursue this matter with your school or college or board authorities so that you can get the corrected certificates.

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  • Your school certificates and mark sheets are the most important documents for you as they will be required to be produced by you when ever you are going to apply for a job.

    So you have to get them corrected and sooner is better. There is a standard procedure for these and you have to write an application requesting the school and college authorities to correct these names and issue a new corrected certificates and mark sheets. They will ask documents in support of correct name of your parents so you have to produce and give a copy of those to them. These documents could be their Aadhar card or PAN card or any other document which school or college authorities accept.

    Once you get the corrected documents there will not be any problem or hassle for you in your future actions for job etc.

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  • A difference in names in certificates can pose difficulty while applying for jobs and passport. Needless to say, the passport has a very strict verification process in the same way these days, even private organization have outsourced their verification process which is also done very seriously.

    You can get in touch with the CBSE board to get it rectified, they will charge you an amount to get it done. Another alternative is to get an affidavit done from a very good lawyer.

  • There are mistakes/differences in both your father's name and mother's name in your Xth and XIIth Certificates. Yes, these mistakes may cause problem in future. You may write to the Board to rectify your mother's name and father's name in the records and certificates. If it is not possible/done, then you have to sign an affidavit before a First Class Magistrate of your city stating that: "Smt. XYZ and Smt. Xyz are same person. Moreover her correct name is Smt. Xyz. So, in future she will be known as Smt. Xyz". For correct name of your father, the affidavit would be: "Shri ABC and Shri Abc are same person. Moreover her correct name is Shri Abc. So, in future he will be known as Shri Abc" .

    You have to publish similarly worded advertisements in one English newspaper and one vernacular newspaper. You will have to preserve the original affidavit and newspaper advertisement permanently.

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