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    How to regain memory and intelligence after viral fever?

    Have a query about regaining memory after viral fever? Looking out for remedies online? Read inputs from experts on this page and get to know methods to improve memory.

    Last year, when I was 32 weeks pregnant, I had suffered from Chikungunya fever. However, I gave birth to a healthy baby after few weeks. But since then, I am noticing that my memory is fallen down to approx. 10% and my intelligence level or my ability to understand things (which was very sharp earlier) is also reduced to half. I am getting stressed day by day due to this problem. I try to do meditation but I am unable to do it because of too many responsibilities and hectic work schedule.

    Can anybody suggest me genuine and effective ways to overcome this problem?
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  • This could be the after effect of your illness that only a physician after taking elaborate tests and checking your symptoms can tell decisively.

    In my opinion it is a normal thing and whenever we undertake hectic schedules and more work than our capacity this is bound to happen. I will suggest to try following measures -
    1. Realigning your daily time table and cutting down some activities depending upon your priorities.
    2. Make room for some relaxing time and listening to music or short walks or get engage in some fun activities however childish they look.
    3. Do not confront, fight or get angery as far as possible as they are the known devils for temporary memory blocking.
    4. Meditation and yoga will help if you can do it with concentration.
    5. Your estimate of 10% loss is totally incomprehensible and if it because of illness it will recupate soon.

    So there is absolutely nothing to worry and go on slowly and steadily with your routine. Remember that stress will always be there and everywhere near us but it is upto us whether we take it or not.

    There are many methods for reducing stress like jogging, seeing a comedy, gossiping with fast friend, spending time with pets and even squeezing a rubber ball in your palms for a while.

    Knowledge is power.

  • This is observed in many people mainly due to stress in work, weakness and the after effect of some medication. During your pregnancy time and after that during your fever, you might have used some medicines as per the advice of your physician. These medicines will have some effect on your memory and intelligence.
    Similarly when you are under pressure also you will have some loss in memory and brain will become a little slow. Pressure will bring the anxiety and that will create many problems like this.
    As you become weak physically also, it will also tell upon your memory and intelligence.
    You try to spend some time with easy going works without thinking about your problems. You can watch a TV show, you can read a book which you like and you can play with children. That will give some happiness and you will be relieved from pressure.
    Eat good food which will give you strength and more stamina. An apple every day will help you. Eat more nutritious food and take proteins.
    I suggest the following three general medicines from Ayurveda which will improve your mental power, remembering power and intelligent. There will not have any side effects.
    Chyavanaprasya Lehyam: T It is like a soft solid. You can take a small quantity of it (Around 5 Grams) and eat it in the morning.
    Saraswathi Taylam: This is an oil made from a special leaf. Daily you apply it to your hair. Mainly on the head.
    Saraswathi Lehyam: This is also a soft solid. Around 5 grams of this, you can take in the morning and evening.
    Your memory and intelligence will increase.

    Try to avoid more work and have a plan of work and follow the plan. Don't get overburdened.

    always confident

  • Recovering from a bad bout of viral fever like chikungunya fever can take a couple of months sometimes. This added with the physical and physiological stress of going through a pregnancy, it comes a no surprise to me that you are finding it difficult to cope with your work schedule.

    With regards to your memory loss, it may be an exaggerated assessment of yourself. If it's really true then I strongly suggest see a good physician AND check your VITAMIN B 12 levels. There are many reports of young apparently healthy individuals who have unexplained neurological symptoms, weakness, and tiredness. Depending on the lab and the way in which it is expressed the normal range is around 150-300.

    The rest of the general measures for your well-being and alleviating your stress levels have already been elucidated by the above members

  • After serious illness or viral fever sometime these things may happen. Why memory is affected after such illness is a puzzling thing and I feel that this is a temporary stage and with time it may go.
    After any illness doctors advise the patients to take some supplementary foods for recouping the body in a fast pace. There are many such supplements like complan, protinex etc which can compensate for the deficiency in the body.
    Even in Ayurveda supplements like chyawanpras are very popular which can be taken in a small quantity daily for a period of few months.
    Over and above this the stress factor is also important because until unless there is a control on this factor it is difficult to have a good mental stage and that can affect our health adversely.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You should relax your mind and concentrate at one point. After sometimes, it will start to gain memories. Our mind is the storehouse of all knowledge and all memories. Only we have to concentrate on regaining those.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

  • I am trying to give some general solutions.

    (a) You must start taking Brahmi regularly in your diet. Brahmi is considered a wonderful solution for all types of memory loss problem over the ages.
    (b) You must start taking iron-rich food items. If possible, start taking fig regularly.
    (c) If you are a non-vegetarian, star eating fish regularly, especially the 'head' of the fish.
    (d) Regular Yoga would help you to concentrate. Regular Yoga and morning walk will also help you to tackle the problem.

    All said and done, meet an experienced general physician and strictly follow his/her advice.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Viral - fever affects the immunity system and hence the weakness prevailing in the system make you ineffective in all sorts of activities and hence in order to overcome the lethargy which you are facing mentally and physically, you may take up the following points into consideration-
    1) In Ayurveda, Aswagandha is a powerful herb in strengthening the entire metabolism of the body containing essential nutrients like Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron and other essential ingredients to nourish your system both physically and mentally and hence you may take one GM of the same along with warm milk in empty stomach in the morning and evening daily for forty days in order to get permanent benifit from this herb.
    2) Ensure that your digestion is proper in order to absorb the nutrients. You may try Raisins for a couple days to be taken early in the morning. The iron content and other nutrients will overcome your weakness.
    3) Intake of Protiens such as eggs, fish, chickens on regular basis will eliminate your weakness.
    4) Saraswataristha may be helpful in your case and for this you may have a consultation with a Ayurvedic Physician for the appropriate intake of this medicine.
    5) Indulge in morning walk daily for 30 minutes to enhance your metabolism.

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