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    Query about 19th century Victorian era poets.

    do you have a query about poets and Victorian era? Looking out for details of robert Browning writings and his belief about nature and science? Here, on this page read responses from experts and get answers to your query.

    Define Robert browning as a representative poet of his age. How did he represent his age in his poetic writings and how did he accept the essence of his age? Was he in the favour of the conditions in Victorian era or was he against them? Did he write historical writings and what was his belief about nature and science?
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  • Robert Browning was a nineteenth century foremost poet and playwrighter of Victorian era specially in writing dramatic monologue.

    His poems are best remembered for historical background, dark humour, irony and social commentary.

    Robert Browning was not a political poet. He depicted the moral values of Victorian times as well as their change with urbanisation.

    During nineteenth century there were very fast changes in society and lot of urbanisation took place.
    He questioned the philosophy behind moral values of Victorian times as well as showed his doubts on new developments in society in the later phase of that era.

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  • Robert Browning is being regarded as one of the most famous poets of the Victorian period. The Ring and the book a novel of him made him a great man in the history of English poetry. His wife's piety and love of music are known to be the important influences on his development. Another factor that has a lot of influence on him is his father's scholarly interests. Browning perfected the writing of dramatic monologue. Along with other Victorians, he was also dismissed by the modernists. Browning's major contribution to the children's literature 'The pied piper of Hamelin' is very popular.

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