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    The best age to play cricket as I am just 14 years and I am confused.

    Aspiring to make a career in cricket? Looking out for details of eligibility age and procedure? On this page, you can read responses from experts and decide how to solve your confusion.

    I want to start my career with Cricket but I don't know what the best age is. I am 13 right now . Should I start learning cricket or not? I need help and I am interested a lot in cricket. I am ready to do hard work.
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  • This is the right age to start cricket playing. Join in any club near your area and learn cricket playing. There are many cricket training institute. You can select one and join there. First, start playing in your school with other players. If the facilities are available in the school, it will be very nice. Otherwise, you have to join in any training school. Start playing for your school and if you prove your capacity you can inter-university tournaments and then interstate teams. Then onwards all depends on your skill and performance in the games. Try your best. You will get good chances.

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  • If you have inclination and aptitude for this game you must start immediately with full vigour. No doubt this is a great game in itself and if one is successful there are tremendous career opportunity in addition to become a glaring star.

    So just find out some club near your location where you can start playing and learn the basic techniques. Meanwhile continue your educational pursuit also with same zeal.

    Once you get a hold of this game you can enrol in some cricket academy for advanced professional training.

    There are many cricket academies in India specially in big cities and you can try to get admission there.

    There is tough competition every where whether it is sports or education. If you are really interested in this line then with determination and focussed approach you can reach the top. So try your best and I hope you will reach your goal.

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  • As you are 13 years old, it is high time to think about playing cricket at professional level PROVIDED you have the ability and zeal to pursue cricket for twenty five years or so. You can enrol yourself in a good cricket coaching academy in/near your city to hone your skill. Thereafter, start playing for league cricket in the capital of your state. Work hard, practise seriously and have determination. If you have denuine promise you will play in the sub-junior, junior level of your state and later you can make it to your state team. You will start playing first-class cricket and ODI/T-20 at state level.

    If it is not possible fo you to join a cricket academy due to any reason, meet a cricket coach in your city who coaches junior/sub-junior level, convince him with your skill and ability and start training under him.

    Getting selected in the Indian cricket team depends upon your ability, level of fitness, level of development, diligent work of highest order, determination, attitude and to some extent luck.

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  • If you have a passion for the cricket play, the present age is the best suited to persue your hobby. In every school, there is facility of retention of game - teacher and these teachers are responsible to develop interest in the different games including the Cricket. So, if there is such provision in your school, you may meet your Game - teacher and apprise him of your inclination towards this game. He may be a very valuable source of all the relevant information with respect to this game. He may ask you you to form a team of boys having equal mind - set. Probably, he may name some of the best coaches living in your city. Take advantage of such meetings.
    The other possibility would be join a cricket club and start enjoying the game by witnessing such plays and try to analyse the tricks being adopted in this game and by having close observation of the game for multiple times, ask the coach to allow you in the team for your active participation. You may either choose the role of bowler or a bats- man depending upon your inclination. Start playing in your city with different teams and show your best performance. Afterwards play league - cricket of your state and repeat the best shots.
    Your performance would allow you to occupy key - position in this field.
    Success would depend upon a number of variable factors such as your inner passion, consistency in your play, analytical mind, an ability to analyse the different tricks adopted in the game and a vision to to excel well in the game.

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