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    How can I join the Indian team as a bowler

    Want to become a bowler and represent the country in cricket? Looking out for the detailed procedure to do so? Here, on this page find advice from experts and resolve your query to become a cricketer.

    I am 16 years old and very good at cricket. I want to play it professionally. But the school in which I am studying doesn't include cricket in sports and there is no scope of
    Cricket in my school. My parents also cannot afford me to join an cricket academy. But due to passion I just want to join the Indian team.
    I am a very good right hand fast bowler. Can you suggest me how to make a career in cricket?
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  • Cricket is like a religion in India. So many people are interested and involved in it. It is like a craze and if one is successful there is good opportunity in this area.

    What I will suggest is you try to involve yourself in some local sports club where cricket is also an activity. So you have to play cricket in their team and may be play with another team.

    During this time you can complete your education also and parallely you have to try for admission in some good cricket academy where you can get authentic coaching in cricket and its subtleties.

    There are many cricket academies in India like in Jaipur, Bangalore, Delhi era and you can find some good one near your location.

    If your game is good you can be spotted by some good cricket club or organization and you can start playing at state or national level.

    Please remember the journey from your school life to national level cricket is a long one and requires dedication, hard work and determination.

    Knowledge is power.

  • To lean cricket is costly. If you don't have facilities in your school, you have to join in cricket training school or club. You have to move out of your place and stay there. All this is very costly. So you have to think about the financial part. Then you have to get the skills in the game and should become a good bowler in your area. Then they may select you to next level. It takes a lot of efforts and times. Probability is low because of the top competition. All depends on your skills and technique. It is a long journey. Think and act.All the best to you.

    always confident

  • As you are only 16 years old, you can enrol yourself in a good cricket coaching academy in/near your city to hone your skill. Thereafter, start playing for league cricket in the capital of your state. Work hard, practise seriously and have determination. If you have denuine promise you will play in the sub-junior, junior level of your state and later you can make it to your state team. You will start playing first-class cricket and ODI/T-20 at state level.

    If it is not possible fo you to join a cricket academy due to financial constraint, meet a cricket coach in your city who coaches junior/sub-junior level, convince him with your skill and ability and start training under him.

    Getting selected in the Indian cricket team depends upon your ability, level of fitness, level of development, diligent work of highest order, determination, attitude and to some extent luck.

    Age is on your side. Best of luck to you!

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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