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    E- reading facility in library

    Interested in organising the e-reading facility in a library? Want to know the various options for this organisation and provide access to the public? Here, you can read the methods which can be used to extend the library facility to the public.

    I am the Secretary of a Higher grade library in my area. State Library Council, which is the controlling and financing body under the Kerala Government, sanctioned Rs. 50,000.00 for starting 'e - reading facility' in our library.
    There were certain conditions to be satisfied before starting the e- reading. A hundred sq.feet space separated from the regular library with tiled flooring and a computer with wi -fi facility. Necessary light and furniture also were to be provided.
    We provided all these facilities and even purchased a 'Kindle' for storing the down loaded books. What I want to know is how these facilities can be extended to the public who make use of library? If the print version of a particular book is not available in the library it can be down loaded and stored in Kindle. But how a reader can sit in the cabin and read for hours together. If another person also come how the Kindle can be shared. Library cannot allow the reader to take home the Kindle. Of course if the reader comes with his own Kindle he may be allowed to copy the book from the library.
    What I want to know is how the e- reading facility in a library can be organized?
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  • It is very nice that you are planning for an elibrary. You have arranger wifi and one kindle. If you can arrange another 2 or 3 desktops and another 2 or 3 kindles. So that you can accommodate some 5 to 6 places for people to study. You can give kindles for known people and library members.
    You can have a website for your library. You can ask your members to register with the site and allow them passwords and IDs. Then can open on their computers and read. This is how Gulbarga University, Gulbarga started elibrary. I used to open with my password. But I have no idea about the cost involved.

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  • Sir, I think the concept of the e-reading facility would be defeated if we expect many to come sit in the library. If so we would need many of Kindles, tabs, and desktops. Apart from having a few screens for people to access, I think you should consider moving on to a virtual library concept.

    1. Open up basic access free of cost ( students, underprivileged) to registered users both on site ( scheduling time slots) and remote with specific login names and passwords.

    2. Open specific access for an agreed fee for textbooks, science books, fiction novels etc.

    3. Open premium access for specific quality books, journals, and periodicals ( after all you have to pay to get it in the first place).

    4. Open option for family access that will enable close-knit members to have access to common sections of your e-library.

    5. Options to download content for a particular fee ( 1 download, 2 downloads etc). This has the risk to be misused when people pass it on to others.

    All this will need the basic services of an interactive website and you find someone close by who can help you with setting up the services. Once you start, then there would be room for fine-tuning or improvement along the way.

  • Now a days there are various agencies and service providers who will prepare a suitable interactive site for your e-library functions. It will have a interface for user registration, login and access to the permitted books and periodicals etc. This site will be hosted in server for which the domain fee is to be paid annually. You will require a high capacity storage system also for keeping the books and other documents.

    As all this will require expenditure you have to do these things in stages and once your site is popular and the traffic increases you can even start endorsing limited advertisements also as per your policy.

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