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    Eighth month pregnant as per last scan there was difference in the size of both kidneys

    Have a query about pregnancy? Worried about change in kidney size of foetus after ultrasound scan? You can get medical advice on this page and solve your concerns.

    I am more eighth month pregnant and I have a doubt. As per my last scan i.e.before eighth month my baby's kidneys size were different: right kidney 6.83 mm and left kidney 4.16 mm.
    So would like to ask: is there any abnormality or it will develop as time passes?
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  • Generally, both the kidneys are not in equal sizes.The right kidney is commonly bigger than the left. some people are born with a larger left kidney than right. The kidneys are generally close to each other in size with the size difference generally less than one centimetre. You might have shown this scan to your gynaecologist. What are the comments from the doctor? In my opinion, there will not be any problem with that difference. But it is always advisable to go as per the suggestion of your doctor.

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  • These are related to a child in development and yet to see the world. I'm sorry to say that such delicate questions and answers can be misunderstood and has the potential to lead to an uncomfortable situation. It depends on many factors( the weight and growth of the baby, the previous scan sizes, your nutritional intake etc).

    Please discuss the scan report with your gynecologist, if he or she is unable to answer your queries satisfactorily, then meet up with a neonatologist of your choice ( there are many good hospitals in most places), who can help you further.

  • With respect to weight of the kidneys located in left and right, there exists some difference and it is not uncommon if you could notice a difference in terms of weight of the two kidneys.
    However, in order to wipe out confusion prevailing in mind, it would be better to have consultation with your Gynaecologist along with the scanned report so that he/ she will explain the same in detail.
    The Doctor may advise you certain remedial measures which will be benificial for the off- Spring.

  • During the development of the baby there might be subtle differences of that kind and there is no need of alarm or panicking.

    Only thing is if such a doubt comes in mind consult the concerned doctor who can see the report and suggest remedial measures if required. Even the opinion of some expert specialist can be taken.

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