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    Can you tell me what was his exact contribution?

    Interested in knowing about the contribution of the first CM of sikkim? Looking out for details online apart form wikipedia? On this page find responses from experts to your query.

    Most probably the Members have heard the name of Kazi Lhendup Dorjee, the first Chief Minister of Sikkim. He was born in the year 1904 and died in 2007. I have heard that he played a crucial role in Sikkim's joining India. He also brought Sikkim in democratic path leading an agitation against the Chogiyal, the ruler of Sikkim. He was also awarded Padma Bibhushan.

    I would like to know his exact contribution in Sikkim's joining India. I also want to know how he resisted China's pressure and at the same time fought against the Chogiyal.

    I would be grateful if Members can provide reliable link/reference on this issue. (No wikipedia please.)
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