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    Is artistry products from Amway better than other branded products available in Indian market?

    Have a query about the quality of Amway products? Looking out for a detailed comparison in terms of pricing and quality? Hee, on this page you will get ample information to decide about Amway.

    I am a distributor of Amway India Company. I want to know whether artistry range of beauty products are better than Lakme, Loreal and Oriflame or not? i want to promote it to my customers in future for earning money.
    Is there any side effect of artistry products on human skin? Can you provide details?
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  • Amway has got a different way of selling products mainly through its members who can get bonus or some cash back depending on the sale. The distributor also be getting a good cut out of MRP.

    Any way coming to the point, in my opinion their products may not be superior to the rival companies. Even if they are better the price differential is not justified. They may have a better quality control on the manufacturing units from where they are getting these items made. This does not imply for high prices.

    I have used Amway shampoo and I found it no better than the standard shampoos in the market.
    I have not done any detailed lab analysis of Amway items with respect to the rival companies but as a user I did not find any difference.

    One thing is there that they have got a good marketing network and also good advertisement. Many people go for these items just for curiosity as well as have a fancy for these costly items.

    One can always claim that they are using organic materials and costly materials like honey etc but no one is going to cross check it. If there is a Govt agency which has certified their claim then it is a different story.

    There are many companies including Amway which are advertising their costly products with so many benefits to attract people. After using whether the benefits were derived or not, no one knows.

    So lesson is - tread carefully.

    Knowledge is power.

  • This chain uses the members are marketing team by providing them incentive or bonus based on the sales and the number of people you enroll to sell products. As you move up the ladder, you get a certain amount of incentive if someone below you buys a product.

    As far as artistry products use, the long-term side effects include inflammation ( allergic reaction to the fragrance) and chronic dry skin, I don't know the comparison of adverse effects of these products. Please check with other distributors ( who have already sold these products, hence have the first-hand experience in such matters) to find out any real issues that have been reported with this product.

  • Amway products are marketed through its members and are sold through an increasing number of people present in its lateral chain as each member makes many new members.
    As far as it's products are concerned they are more and less similar to the other good brands available in the market.
    The reason behind its high price is not comprehensible. It could be a branding affect so that some well off people just purchase it due to its brand and high price.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Amway products are no way superior to other brands available in the market. Another disadvantage is only higher weight packings only are available. We have to spend more money at a time. Quality wise there are normal. Much better products are available in the market. There is no logic in the prices. This is again a link business. Many members will be there in the chain. Everybody has to get some money from the sales. That may be one of the reasons for high Price. Personally, I don't use these products and I don't advise these products to anyone.

    always confident

  • Amway products are expensive and the artistry range of cosmetics is definitely steeply priced. But, Amway products are definitely of a superior quality. I have personally used Amway products for years and vouch for their quality.

    There was a time that you could only order the products through members, and membership was only through recommendation or sponsorship. But, today Amway products can be bought online.

    If you want to begin selling the Artistry range of cosmetics know that it is expensive. But, then the best products are always priced high. It is easily the costliest brand among the ones that you have listed. The point is will you be able to find people to sell the products to your customers.

    I did not suffer from any side-effects after using the Amway Artistry products. I had received a gift-set consisting of hydrating products. They were wonderful, awesome fragrance and easily absorbed into the skin. I have sensitive skin and easily break into a rash if a product doesn't suit me. But, I faced no problems with the Artistry products.

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