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    Transfer allowance for Central Government employee

    Want to know the rules pertaining to transfer allowance provided by the Central Government? Looking out for the detailed information whether TA can be given more than once in the same year? Read responses to your questions here.

    I was employed under Accountant General, West Bengal through SSC as Divisional Accountant. Later I took technical resignation from that department and joined as CBEC department as Central Excise Inspector in Nagpur.
    Am I eligible for Transfer Allowance? I joined in Nagpur but later was transferred to another place for which I got TA.
    Someone told me that during one year you can get TA only once. Is it true? If not what is the time period within which you have to claim your TA?
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  • 1. As you submitted technical resignation to join a new post, you will not get transfer allowance for joining a new job at CBEC, Nagpur. It is your own will that you left the previous job and joined a new post. This is not in public interest.
    2. Please remember that transfer allowance is granted while the Department transfers an employee in public interest.
    3. The Department has rightly paid you transfer allowance when you have transferred from Nagpur to your new place of posting.
    4. Please remember that there is no restriction in getting transfer allowance more than once in a year, provided all such transfers are in public interest and were not sought by the employee himself/herself.

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  • Since you had resigned from the post of Divisional Accountant to take up a new assignment with your own accord, hence you are not entitled to get transfer - allowance under such condition.
    2) With respect to second query, you would enjoy transfer - allowance since it is being done in the interest of the public.
    3) The department has sanctioned you transfer allowance since this was done with the concurrence of higher authorities and this was in consonance with lager public interest.
    4) There is no restriction with respect to transfer - allowance provided it is being done by your higher - ups. There was not your involvement in case of your transfer.

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