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    Query about no effect of Uwanted 72

    Have a question about impact of unprotected sex? Worried about the implications and the side effects of Uwanted 72? check out this page for advice from experts and resolve your worries.

    After having unprotected sex I have taken Uwanted 72 within 24 hours. But as given in the prescription that there will be some side effects, 24 hours have gone and there is no pain. What does that mean:am I pregnant?
    I am 21 years old. When do I expect my periods?
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  • Generally speaking, the side-effects of the contraceptive pill are as under:-
    (a) The hormones in the pill can change the level of sexual desire.
    (b) The lady using such pills may also notice bleeding between periods.
    (c) Nausea is another side-effect.
    (d) Sore breast is another common side-effect of such pills.

    However, these side effect will go in two-three months. It is also relevant to mention that these contraceptive pills do not provide any safety against sexually-transmitted diseases.

    For more detailed information, you may seek advice from a qualifed gynaecologist.

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  • Though contraceptive pills have some side effects like nausea, discomfort but it is not common that everyone get the same side effects. No major side effects caused if you consume pill once in a while. But it is always better to have a protective sex , as it reduces the unwanted tensions and problems.

    Pills work effectively most of the time if you consumed it within first 48 hours. No temporary preventive measures are 100% secure. It is always better to avoid intercourse between the ovulation period (between 11th and 14th considering the normal period range of 26 days) if you are not ready for pregnancy.

  • As per your query, I prefer you to go and have a check-up at a clinic. Because these contraceptive pills are not safe even mentioned in ads. It's better to go under medical supervision. That to your 21 as per your query. Always contraceptive pills are better to consume only after you give birth to a child. Before giving birth it's not preferable, this advice was given to me by my doctor. When I first consulted her for contraceptive pills. But in your case, if you have taken one that doesn't matter. Check your last period date and even likely date that you expect for the next date. There may be a variation but if it exceeds 40 days from the last period better consult your doctor and take proper medication.

  • Unwanted 72 is one of the leading emergency contraceptive pills. It is manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals. It is used to prevent an unplanned pregnancy in the event of unprotected sex. They are very reliable. Probably you need not worry. But it is always better to take precautions before rather than after. It is always better to have a protected sex. You can wait up to 10 days after next expected period and if it is not coming, you can contact a gynaecologist for a necessary apt action.
    Please remember these pills will have some side effects but not that much when you are using very rarely. But remember that these pills will not protect you from sexually-transmitted diseases. So one should be careful in these matters.

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  • Good quality contraceptive pills will not go waste and definitely they will have the desired effect.
    There will be or can be different side effects in individuals but these are temporary and go with time.
    You can check on your period dates and if after taking pills you see some abnormality it is the time to consult a gyneachologist. Some people prefer to take precautions rather pills and that is the better option. In that case there is no danger of sexually transmitted disease also.
    In any case of doubt you must immediately consult the doctor.

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  • The contraceptive pills in use today are the outcome of a long medical research and we should not doubt their efficacy. Only thing is if a drug manufacturer has not observed the proper quality control on the input material then there can be a bad lot and one can doubt such a mishap. There is so much stringent control from Govt side also on drugs that such a thing happening a rarity.

    Anyway after taking the drug if some doubts are in the mind then one has to visit a gynecologist and get it clarified. If there is a doubt of pregnancy then the gynecologist will go for special tests and procedures to find that. The early determination of pregnancy requires special methods.

    It is always advisable to go for protected sex as it avoids so many problems and complications in one go. Unprotected sex is the cause of various sexually transmitted diseases which will make ones life miserable. So the pangs of lust should be controlled and if not to be exercised with protection to avoid future problems.

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