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    Digital marketing career opportunities

    Are you interested in opting career in Digital Marketing? Just go through the suggestions below given by our ISC experts to know how to go for it.

    My question is related to digital marketing. I have completed my diploma in Electronics and telecommunication, I am interested in blogging and digital marketing career but graduation is needed for job. Please suggest me how to go for it as I am confused.
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  • Digital Marketing is one of the most sought job and very prominent in the market, with the right skill and passion there is no-one who can stop you from earning well in this field. There are many courses available in the market which you can apply for, I will list few of them below.

    1. Hubspot offers certification in Digital Marketing and the catch is they are free and well recognized by the industries.
    2. There are online courses as well it will cost you around 12,000 Rs to 20,000 depending upon the content and duration of the course.

    You can get into search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click (PPC), conversion optimization, web analytics, content marketing, email and mobile marketing by doing a certification in Digital Marketing. You can start with blogging to get a hang of it.

  • Digital marketing is the promotion of products of a particular company through internet channels that is basically online marketing. This is a field where there are new opportunities and a person having done a course in digital marketing can hope to get a job soon in this area.
    Having done your diploma you can very well do a course in digital marketing from a reputed place and then apply for job in this line.
    There are various agencies which conduct this course and if you are interested just go to their site and get all the details regarding duration of the course and fee etc. Some of these entities are Digital Vidya, Digital Academy India, NIIT Digital Marketing, Manipal Global Education Services,, All India Management Association etc.

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  • Digital Marketing is a recent concept which is having a lot of potential for earning. Our earning in this field will mostly depend on our time and our skill. There are many institutes offering courses in this field. Manipal University is also conducting an online course for this digital marketing. You can try that. Fees are nominal and you need not worry about timing. You can read the material they are sending anytime basing on your availability. You can start this with creating a blog on your own with very good postings so that you will have a good income.

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    Today digital marketing is becoming mainstream. But Now also many businesses did not take digital marketing seriously. They were not ready to change and were stuck with traditional marketing practices. Before digital marketing became mainstream, freelancers and entrepreneurs were ready to get the primary mover advantage. those that did smart content marketing and search engine marketing were ready to proportion the business in no time. traditional firms did not even understand what digital marketing was. If you've got 5+ years of expertise in digital marketing and if you've got projects that prove you're a digital marketing professional, you'll be hired simply. I am an example in this category. Currently working for Kuwait online shopping. Good luck :)

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