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    How does power app work and steps to build this application?

    Do you ant to know how the Power App works and how does it differ from a normal Mobile App? Please check in here to learn from our ISC wiz-kids.

    How does power app work? Is it compatible with many ERP software or only with the azure application? How can we connect build and publish this application on mobile?

    Can you show me the implementation process of Power App application? What are the elements of Power apps and how its different from Mobile Apps.
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  • Power App was brought into the market to reduce the developing time taken by the developers. With this app you don't need the prior knowledge of Power App, you can customise your own power app and share it like a document. Apps built with Power App is compatible with almost every platform (Windows, ios, android, tab, web).

    As of now, signing up with a personal email like Gmail and then creating an app might not be successful as they delete it without prior notice. You will have to use the business id to create the app.

    You can check out this link which gives a detailed step of how to build your own power app.

    Maybe other knowledgeable members can respond to "What are the elements of Power apps and how it's different from Mobile Apps."

  • It is software, used to develop special business applications which are specific to our use. The development of the app doesn't require knowledge of app development or custom coding. It is another feature of office 365. With this, we will be able to build our required functionality, without a single line of code and hiring costly developers. Power Apps can be connected to any SharePoint. It allows to store and retrieve information without a need to know databases. There are many tutorials available regarding the steps of building this app online. You can refer those items to know how to build it.

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  • Thanks, Mr.DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao and Neethu for sharing your good thoughts. It's really helpful and I understand it. I also visited your link and its elaborating more clearly with good screenshots. But I want to know more about it Steps to integrate it with Dynamics 365 and any other ERP like Oracle, Baan etc. It is user-friendly with all ERP applications or its limited to some ERP application.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • As of today, it is limited to very few ERP, maybe in the coming days, they might expand it further as well.

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