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    How to apply in private schools

    Interested to work in a Private school but not aware how to approach! Here are few tips offered by our experts to identify and opt for teaching profession in a good school.

    I am fresher in the teaching industry. Although I have completed post graduation in English Literature. Thus, I would like to know how to approach good schools for an English teacher profile as there is lack of experience. Can sending an email to the school suffice?
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  • Here are some tips,
    1. Search for English teacher job in schools on-line and send in your resume. If the school prefers, then they may call you.
    2. Read through the newspapers for the job post and post your application as per the instructions given.
    3. You can directly approach the school, and handover the application, if your are lucky you may be asked to meet the principal/director for an interview. It depends if there is vacancy they may call you. Most school keep the job applicants in stand by. In case any teacher quits the job in between the session then they may call the candidates in waiting list.
    4. Decide first, browse for the teacher post, prepare your resume and just send in your resumes if you have interest in teaching in schools.
    5. Do not think about experience, as a fresher you will learn through experiences once you find the job. If you have competed post graduation you can write eligibility test for lecturer post.
    6. If you want to work in schools, B.Ed training is added value and most schools prefer trained teachers. If you get a job, then you can study through distance education program in B.Ed and complete.
    7. Find out from your neighbors/ friends if they know any schools and searching for teachers. Try and apply for the post.
    8.. Take tuition at home, this will help you to learn the basics of teaching, handling the children, managing the time.
    At the time of interview can say you are teaching children and have a knowledge about handling children.
    9. Be engaged with learning, equip yourself with strong knowledge in English skills to tackle the interviews and to be at ease to teach children.
    10. Be prepared your self with literature works, grammar and activities that can be provided for students. They help in developing an understanding-of the concepts in children through activity based learning.

  • Many private schools and colleges are taking postgraduates as teachers and lecturers. You go on watching Telugu newspapers and English newspapers. Many advertisements will be coming. You can send your resumes to them. Similarly, post your resume in and time job site. Specifically, you can search google for these posts and respond to them. Another approach is to go to the schools and colleges in your locality and give your resume to them. If you are in an urban area you will have many chances. if it is a rural area chance will be less. In all the towns these days we find many private corporate colleges like Narayana, Aditya etc.. They take freshers as teaching Assistants for taking care of the exams, assignments and other activities. You can go for those posts also.
    Before approaching the schools or colleges get prepared to take classes for facing the interviews. Generally, good schools will ask the candidates to take a class for demonstration. So you make yourself ready for that. Please be careful about grammar and spellings. Take a small topic and go up to the roots, so that anybody trying to catch you will try to twist you so much. So if you are strong in the subject up to roots it will be difficult for others to trouble you.
    Try and all the best to you.

    always confident

  • It is really interesting to note that you want to join teaching profession but don't want to join Government school. Before proceeding further, I would like to intimate that in more 80% private schools all over India, teachers get less pay than their counterparts in Government schools. This is a bitter truth.

    So far as joining teaching profession is concerned, at the first instance, you have to complete your B.Ed (assuming that you want to teach students at secondary and higher secondary level).

    Thereafter, you have to go through newspapers and check the appointments page. Generally major newspapers publish all jobs on a day of the week (example: Times of India publishes the job advertisements on every Wednesday). You have to chose suitable advertisement and apply for the position.

    You can alternatively register yourself with various job websites and post your resume. You have to wait for calls for the interview.

    As you don't have experience, you will get opportunities at smaller schools. There is no such requirement of experience in case of appointment in Government schools as teacher at different levels,

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

  • Some of the ways how you can showcase your caliber and ability to good schools in your region are as follows:-
    1) Keep in touch with the websites of the school as they may publish the advertisement of vacancies in the career section of the website.
    2) You can help to get in touch with the faculty of good school by reference of people and get to know from them the procedure to enter the school.
    3) The best way is you can take appointment with the head of the institution and tell him about yourself so that he/she can consider you when a vacancy arises.

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