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    Is refined sunflower oil is better than traditional unrefined groundnut oil ?

    Which is better - refined sunflower oil or unrefined groundnut oil? Please check it out from this page to know the views of our ISC experts.

    These days it's believed by most people that refined oils such as sunflower oil and rice bran oil are not good for health when compared to unrefined coconut oil , gingelly oil or groundnut oil. If anyone got an inside peek in this industry post your experiences and opinions.
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  • As per the recent reports from various news agencies and the interviews with learned doctors and other health specialists, the unrefined groundnut oil is better than all these refined oils. Groundnut oil will not increase your fat content and no cholesterol increase also. But it is advisable to consume, as less as possible, any oil. Mustard oil is the best oil which will reduce your cholesterol levels of your body. So prefer mustard oil. Otherwise, go for groundnut oil.

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  • The unrefined oils are cold pressed. They are simply pressed and oil is squeezed out. There are no additives or chemicals used in this method.

    On the other hand refined oils are extracted using heat and some solvent chemicals and after that they are even bleached with some other chemicals. This type of extraction makes these refined oils having traces of harmful chemicals and definitely that is not a healthy proportion.

    So unrefined oil is a better choice than refined oil.

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  • Refined sunflower oil is big in the necessity vitamin E and lesser in type of fatty acid. It falls fat constants as it includes the fair quantity of dullunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.
    unrefined groundnut oil are persuasive in assuring about heart disease. It includes normal antioxidants that block composition of free essential and save us from various cancers.
    So unrefined oil is good choice than refined oil.

  • Unrefined groundnut oil is better because of the following reasons:-

    (a) It does not contain any added chemical.
    (b) It is low in cholesterol content.
    (c) It is a natural source of phytochemicals, anti-oxidants which protect our body from damage from toxins and free radicals.

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  • In the recent research, it has been found that the refined oil is very unhealthy. According to the doctors advise refined oil should not be consumed as they contain toxic and carcinogenic components. This holds true for all refined oils including Sunflower oil.
    The main problem is the manufacturing process. Refined oils are made by double heating method and the toxic composition is caused by the heating process. The oils should be taken in unrefined form as in that form oil is healthy and having health benefits.

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