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    B.Ed admission criteria and eligibility

    Confused whether a BCA graduate can opt for B Ed in Maths? Please know it from our ISC experts about the eligibility criteria and how to go for it.

    I would like to know if am eligible to do B.Ed with Mathematics. As I have done BCA from SMU and I have studied Mathematics in my first semester only. Can I opt for this course ? Is only B Sc with Maths eligible for this course ? Please solve this query.
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  • Any graduate is eligible for B.Ed. Course. You can opt for Mathematics and another subject. They will conduct an entrance test for admission. Basin on the rank obtained you can get a seat in a government college or private college.
    Byt many of the B.C.A candidates doesn't opt for BEd. They prefer M.C.A. I advise you also to go for MCA. MCA is also two years like B.Ed. After MCA you can go as a lecturer in a college. That will be the best option for you. You will have a better career. While working as a lecturer you can attempt for your PhD course also which will give you a very good chance to go to the level of professor. So better aim for that.

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  • You can apply for the course as you have studies mathematics in first semester in BCA. There is no harm in applying, just go for it, fill in the application form and apply. Wait for the response/reply. If you are called, appear for the entrance examination select mathematics and any other subject, if you have taken languages(Hindi/ tamil/ telugu/ sanskrtit/ kannada) or English. Since you have to choose two subjects for teaching . There are many options for BCA. B.Ed degree is not essential for teaching computer science in schools. You can also choose to become a computer teacher in schools and teach children computer application/ computer science. You can directly approach the school and handover the application or apply online. If you are keenly interested in teaching mathematics then B.Ed degree is required to teach in schools and M.Sc in colleges. You can choose to pursue MCA/ MSC and find jobs in corporate sectors/ I T departments or as teaching faculty in colleges and schools. Depending on you personal situation and interests choose the right best choice and finalize.

  • After BCA one can apply for B Ed. Only thing is whether Mathematics in one semester will be treated as a full fledged subject or not.

    Anyway you can definitely apply and this point can be clarified after that. Meanwhile find out in your BCA certificate or marksheet if subjects are mentioned and Mathematics is one of them.

    For computer teaching B Ed is not mandatory so you can try for teaching jobs directly also.

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  • The eligibility conditions for B.Ed from Delhi University are indicated below:-

    (a) Candidates with minimum 50% marks in aggregate either in Bachelors Degree and / or in the Masters Degree in Science / Social Science /Humanities/ Commerce or any other equivalent qualification are eligible for admission . Candidates with at least 55% marks in aggregate in Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Technology and specialization in Science and Mathematics with 55% marks or any other qualification are also eligible.
    (b) A candidate is required to choose only one teaching subject (within a subject category) which he/she must have studied in the qualifying degree i.e., Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree for at least 200 marks and scored at least 50% marks in this subject.

    In all other UGC-recognised universities, the eligibility conditions for admission in B.Ed. programme are similar. So, if you have studied Mathematics in your BCA for 200 marks and if you have scored 50% marks in Mathematics, you can opt for Mathematics as the teaching subject.

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  • As you have stated that you have only studied mathematics in just 1st semester, you may not be able to study BEd course. You do not have specified that how many marks was allotted for mathematics in your course.
    The eligibility criteria is to study at least 200 marks in the concerned subject in degree level and also have to score 55% marks in all total.

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