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    Will I fall sick with wet shoes?

    Many of the people have this common doubt as to whether one would fall sick with wet shoes, particularly in rainy season. Go though this page to know about it from our experts.

    It's raining heavily and the roads and footpath were under water. I tried my best to keep my foot away from water as I was wearing shoes but it didn't help. My foot got completely drenched in water with my shoes. I had to continue with this shoe for 3hours.

    I don't want to fall sick. What to do?
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  • Yes it is true that in some cases foot drenched in rain water leads to some diseases like common fever, sometimes leading to development of wounds, sometimes rashes in body, water borne diseases.
    But it depends on the nature of the rainfall you are experiencing in your area and the presence of industrial and domestic effluents in your area. So in most places which are sanitised a normal washing with soap would be fine.
    But in case you are living in a area of high industrial activity and nearby effluent treatment plants then it is better to have some idea of the kind of effluents being released and do what workers working in those industries do after handling them.
    Look for news channels in case of any disease outbreak and take preventive measures as being announced from time to time by health department officials.
    Have daily intake of Tulasi, Neem by some means to have anti microbial protections. Applying turmeric paste will ward of anti microbes.
    Then don't panic for getting drenched in rain water for few hours only. Our body must get contact with natural process like sun, rain atleast for time to have a healthy development. It may also develop acquired immunity in our body.
    So just take some preventive measures as mentioned above and be cool. If any symptom is observed then consult a doctor and take appropriate measures. At any case self medication is not advisable in these situations except application of some detol and something of similar nature.
    Hope it helps.

  • Having wet shoe for 3 hours will not be very hazardous. It will not cause you that much problem. But you should not get your head and hair drenched. That will lead you to sickness. Generally, if you are getting completely wetted including your head and hair also, immediately you should get the whole body dried with a dry towel and hair should be with a hot air dryer, Otherwise, you will get infected and sometimes it may lead to fever, deafness for some time and body pains etc. So you should take care,
    If you still worry about your shoe, you can remove sox and shoe. Walk barefoot and take the sox and shoe in your hand. That will not be a serious problem.

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  • Getting wet in rain water may bring in cold, fever, headache, flu . Take precaution to be clean and avoid being in water for a long time. Wash your legs properly with soap and allow it to dry. Usually if water is present between toes, microbes and fungi develop in the areas causing irritation and itching causing much discomfort. Clean the feet, soles, and toes to avoid infections. Simple home made remedies can be used to prevent any ailments. Drink hot milk with turmeric at night to prevent cold. Apply turmeric paste to the feet, in-between toes and soles to keep it warm and to prevent microbial infections. Keep yourself warm by covering with woolen clothes to avoid exposure to cold. If your are drenched in rain, dry your hair. Eat fresh and warm food. If you notice any symptoms of body pain or fever better consult doctor immediately, because there are many kinds of fever appearing every day and getting doctors advice and treatment is preferred. Preventive measures are better to keep diseases away.

  • Using wet shoes for more than three-four hours and then re-using those wet-shoes before drying may cause various ailments. These are common fever, cough & cold, various water-borne diseases, etc. So, I have learnt since my childhood to wash wet feet properly immediately after return. More important is not to re-use wet shoes again before proper drying. Wet socks are required to be washed and dried before re-use.

    Furthermore, if you are drenched by rain, you must take hot food and beverages after cleaning and drying yourself.

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  • If your head getting wet in rain water then it cause a common fever, cold or any other diesease or infection because rain water coming to down with lots of germs and dust particals. If you clean yourself, immediately dry and change the wet clothes after getting wet then there is no chance of having sickness. In this situation, Having sickness is based on our immune system. If you are fit and healthy then no if you are not then yes there is a chance of having illness. The rain water could lower the body temprature which in change construct the catalyst in our body work less easily. The immune system based on these catalyst.

  • It mainly depends upon the area you have traversed through water and your feet are totally drenched and water gone inside the shoes. If it is a cleaner area and the water has been there just after the rains and over a concrete or tiled bottom I do not think that it is going to do any harm. In that case a simple washing of feet in the house will remove the dirt and mud if any. As a precaution one can soak his feet in lukewarm water with a little of salt for few minutes. It will be soothing and anti bacterial also.

    If you have walked through a gutter water flowing on the road or in some industrial area where residue of chemical contamination is leaked in water one can get some problem like itching, swelling or fever like symptoms. In that case one has to use multipurpose anti bacterial and anti fungal skin creams available in market. However it is advised that an opinion of a doctor can be sought in such matters for the best recourse.

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  • Normally rain water will not do any harm until unless your feet are gone in a muddy ditch or some bad stinking stagnant water mixed with rain water.

    It also depends on how much sensitive you are for this. There are some people who immediately get allergy in such situations. So best thing is thoughroly wash the feet with soap and wash with water having a few spoons of detol or similar anti bacterial solution.

    Please remember to get your socks washed thougroly and shoes dried up nicely otherwise shoes may get fungus growth on them.

    In case you observe rashes or continuous itching in feet or fever then immediately consult a doctor as it could indicate onset of viral infection.

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  • Yes, its true one can fell ill with wet shoes. As wet shoes may cause some skin infections,also there are chances of cold and cough.

  • It is pretty difficult to avoid stepping into puddles, during the rainy season. While it can be fun if you still have that 'little child' hiding inside of you. Most adults just curse their luck, when they step into a puddle. It is best that footwear worn during this season is especially designed for rain. Wear crocs or another kind of monsoon footwear that doesn't stay wet. This is of course for your own safety.

    Damp feet, may not give you a cold or flu because these ailments are generally caused by viruses. If your immunity is down, the cold and wet feet will make you more vulnerable to catching viruses.

    When your feet get wet in dirty rainwater, you should attempt to wash it, at the earliest in clean running water. Use soap to remove all traces of visible and invisible dirt. Damp feet can cause a fungal infection of the toenails, which are very difficult to get rid of.

    Soak your feet in water to which vinegar is added to kill the disease-causing fungus. Ensure that you dry your feet, at the earliest. Do not let them stay wet, for long.

    Carry a hand towel for this purpose and always have a pair of shoes in your vehicle and/or office, so you can slip into a dry pair.

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