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    If a leave is taken prior to Dussehra vacations, will the holidays also be calculated as leave?

    Want to know if leave is taken just before a major public festival holiday, whether the holidays too will be included as leave? Check out the replies at this Ask Expert page to clear your doubt.

    My wife is working as a teacher in a private school and the Dussehra holidays were declared until 4th Oct and the school reopens on 5th Oct 2017. However, being sick, she took the leave on the penultimate day and from next day the holidays were declared. Now my question is, whether her leave for one day will be considered as sick leave, or the entire Dussehra holidays will be considered as leave period and the salary would be cut for the same?
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  • Under ideal circumstances, only the sick leave should be considered and not the festival leaves already in place. Some organization has this concept of sandwich leaves, where if you take leave prior and after to the already declared holiday the entire vacation will be considered and pay will be cut accordingly. For e.g, Saturday and Sunday are weekends holiday but if you take an off only on Friday then only one day will be considered as leave but if you take leave on Friday and Monday then the entire four days will be considered as the leave of absence.

    In your case, your wife has taken holiday prior to the Dusherra holidays, so it doesn't become sandwich leave, so they shouldn't consider her sick leave along with Dusherra as leave of absence. However, since the policy changes from institute to institute, it's better if the organization themselves can give a green signal., as the organization in which I worked earlier had a sandwich policy but my current organization doesn't have that.

  • In Government schools, if a teacher has taken a leave on one day before starting of the vacation and again taken leave on reopening day, the whole vacation will be treated as a leave. But if you are present at least one of these two days, vacation will be vacation only, but not leave.
    But in private schools, the rules vary from school to school. Different schools will have different rules. There are no common guidelines regarding leaves. My sister works in a private school. In her school, even if you are absent for both days mentioned above, the vacation is vacation only. Your wife has to get the clarification from her school management.

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  • Though rules may differ from Govt to private and also one private to another but in general it is the casual leave only where holidays are excluded but in other leaves if some holidays are coming in between they are not excluded.

    Only thing is one can prefix or suffix holidays with leave and can avail those holidays in continuation of main leave.

    This has a bearing with out station going permission where if one is leaving station from start to end he must include the intervening holidays. It is also connected to insurance and benevolent fund rules in case of any eventuality and the claims are admissible in certain cases if leave is properly recorded otherwise it will lead to complication.

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  • I don't know under which rule your wife's leave is governed. As a person who deals with leave in Government sector, I can say that if an employee takes sick leave (Medical Leave) for one day, the declared holidays on account of festival and Saturday/Sunday will not be deducted from the employee's leave account, provided he/she joins on the day the office (in this case, school) reopens.

    If the employer does not accede to the request of the employee (your wife), she can convert her one day Medical Leave to Casual Leave. In that case, the employer can't deduct following holidays as leave. However, if the school management does not bother to follow the rules, no comment can be made.

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  • If an employee takes a long leave then there is no exclusion of intermittent holidays. It is only the short leave or leave with holidays in the beginning or in the end that the benefit of those holidays can be clubbed. This is a general thing.
    In today's private sector there are many motivational aspects of employee facilities and may be in some private organisations this may be different.
    There are many types of leaves and they are treated in slightly different ways and this can be confirmed further from the associated HR department.

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