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    How to separate an audio track from a video

    Interested in extracting audio from a video file? Looking out for the detailed step by step procedure? You can read the responses from experts on this page and use this audio for setting ppt background.

    I would like to know if it is possible to extract only the audio part of a video. For example, from a video of a Durga puja, is it possible to separate only the audio (the music or the aarti's words) from that video? Does any specialized software need to be installed for this or it can be done in some simple manner in such a way that I can work on it in PPT? That is, can I extract the music and put it as the background sound for a PPT presentation?

    If it is possible to extract the music from the video, then please explain with step by step guidance in simple words.
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  • Yes mam, It is possible to extract the audio from video. For that you need to download tool or application in your pc called WinXHD Video Converter Deluxe by visiting the website Just write the name of the software to the search field with url of the website which can directly go to the download page. Through this app we can edit the videos, crop the video file and cut the videos to any length. After download and installation of the software follow these steps to extract the audio fom video :
    1. Tap on +Video button to add video you want to convert to audio.
    2. After video is added to convert list, a output profile dialog box shows on desktop screen. Now tap " to Music" option from category dashboard and choose any music format like MP3.
    3. Tap browse button to fix the destination folder to get the extracted audio file and then tap RUN button to start conversion process.

  • There are many online tools available which can extract audio from video, apart from that you can use youtube downloader as well as VLC media player among many to get audio out of the video.

    1. Launch VLC Media player, top right side in the tab click on Media --> Advanced Open File.
    2. A new window will pop up, in that go the file tab, click on add to select the video from which you would like to extract the audio.
    3. Click on the Convert button which is located at the bottom left in the drop-down menu next to the Play option.
    4. In the next window, enter the output path and select WAV encapsulation method. is another online tool which can extract the audio for you. I hope this helps.

  • For doing this you have to get a free trial format of software by name Wondershare filmora.
    You can download it from the internet.
    Then you load your files.
    Run the audio of the above software.
    Then click on the video file from which you want to separate the audio track and select audio detach.
    The audio track will appear in Music timeline.
    you can save this in a separate MP3 file.

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  • You can easily do this with the VLC media player.

    1. Open the video in the VLC player.
    2. Pause the video.
    3. From the file menu find > Convert Save video.
    4. A new window appears.
    5. Add video that you just opened into it.
    6. Go to the sound settings in the configuration tab. Uncheck the audio option.
    7. Save the video.

    This should help you get rid of the Audio from the video file.

    Alternatively you can make use of the Sony Vegas Video and Filmora to remove the sound from the Audio.

  • #Mahesh: As per what I understand, she doesn't want to remove the sound but she wants to extract it from the video. This is what I have understood from the question. so that she can use that sound exclusively in her documents.

  • There is an App called Video Cutter. Download it from Google PlayStore. It is very simple to use. The audio quality is very good with this app.

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  • I Would like to provide a software which not only help to separate the audio from the video but also hep you to improve the quality of the audio also.
    Follow these steps to remove audio from the video:
    Step 1: Downlod the software i.e Wondershare Video Editor 6.0.3 . You can download the software from the given link :
    Step 2: After that install the software in your computer then start the software.
    Step 3: Then you will activate the software
    Step 4: Then Import the video in which the audio track want to separate .
    Step 5: After that place the video on first tack the delete the video portion.
    Step 6: Finally save the audio in mp3 format.

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  • Yes it's very easy to extract audio from the video file.

    In Android
    Just download the app "MP3 Video Converter" from the play store which is a free app. It's very easy to use and the sound quality is also high.

    In PC
    You have to install the software "format factory". It's my personal favourite software because it can convert format of any file.
    In your case it can convert the video file into audio.

    Just select the MP3 category and than select the video which you want to convert. That's it

  • Extracting an audio file from videos is easy and can be done in a couple of minutes using some softwares for PC, Android, Mac, and iOS.

    Computer Version softwares are tabulated below.

    1. Filmora

    2. Windows Movie Maker

    3. Audacity

    4. VLC media Player

    5. Bigasoft

    6. Apowersoft

    Once you download these softwares and installed it on your PC, you will immediately understand how to extract audio from the videos. My recommendation is Audacity for technically ignorant person and for newbies who are new to editing media's. All these softwares are available for Mac and Windows.

    Here is the list of Android Apps and iOS that will help you get your job done in minutes.

    1. KineMaster

    2. Audio Extractor

    3. Mp3 cutter

    4. Video 2 MP3

    For newbies, go for Video 2 Mp3. It's very easy. Once you download the app, start the app and choose the videos you want to extract or convert it to Mp3 format.

    For editing and putting the Mp3 loop, background, and to extend it to your video projects, you will need an Kine Master tool. Download, open and chose the media or video you want to put and audio in that video, click the add sound icon, choose the sound track or audio you just converted using one of the above tool. Once, you adjust the time, loops and background volume envelope, save the video.

    It's done.

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