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    Is protection of domain ownership an absolute necessity?

    Have a query about domain ownership? Searching for the major reasons for protecting the domain? You can read the responses from experts on this page and decide whether protection is really needed or not.

    I have a blog which I converted to a .com website through the domain name registrar GoDaddy Inc. I received an email from them recently, stating "Lock down your name with Domain Ownership Protection". They are offering a discount for the duration of a year and state "Protection makes it almost impossible to move your domain to someone else — even if it accidentally expires."

    Is it really necessary to purchase this? Should I just ignore the email?
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  • As far as my knowledge goes it is not an absolute necessity. The domain name is same as that of a trademark. Whatever functions are being carried out by trademark offline all those functions will be carried out by domain name online. These days these blogs and website are increasing and there is every chance that somebody else may also have the same domain name. If they get it registered in case of any dispute you may have to loose name. If you get registered that name can't be taken away by anybody. Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) with World intellectual property organisation (WIPO) has made some guidelines for registration of the website. So based on the uniqueness of your website and your intended use you can decide. If I have to take a call, I will go for registration.

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  • That feature from the Godaddy is more or less an upsell. You can see that godaddy pushes some of the upsell on people under different fancy names. For example hiding your personal info is also paid feature there. And they also keep your domain on hold if you failed to renew, and the option to own the domain during such grace period is what that upsell is being part of.

    I suggest you to ignore the upsell. Make sure to hide perosnal info if you don't want spam on your personal details. Or you can properly upgrade the domain on time. That should be more than enough for you to avoid paying for some of those upsells. Lot of godaddy features are costly. You should move domains to namecheap if it turns too costly with all those upsell about domain ownership and the privacy.

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