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    Confused whether to opt for CA or Software Testing

    Confused between continuing a software testing job of changing to study for becoming a CA? Searching for pros and cons of both options? No worries, read the career related advice from experts here and decide further course of action.

    I am confused about my career.
    After 12th, I have applied for B.Com and also passed the CPT exam with 9th rank in Bhopal. I have a dream to become a CA. But at the time of IPCC, due to family problems I was taking too much stress so had to leave CA-IPCC.

    After B.Com I got a job in TCS for Software Testing which is out of my subject's interest since my parents told me to go for it. at that time I was not in a situation to take decision but after joining I was feeling good to do the job work.

    But when I think about my future, then I have only interest in accounting subjects rather than learning computer languages (soft testing). In the job I can practically do Testing but can't study Computer subjects.

    Many times when I heard about any topic regarding CA then again I start thinking about CA.

    Also till now I have 1.3 yrs experience in software testing and this year also applied for MBA.

    But the main problem is that I am not able to understand what I am doing and what I want to do. So I am not confident and due to this am too confused. Sometimes I feel that I should leave the job and go for a CA.

    Also my financial condition is not much good and I can't take a loan because there is no guarantee that I can clear CA exam as it requires luck also.

    So can't determine whether should I opt for CA or continue with my job. Can you guide me?
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  • You are a B.Com. Working in computer testing for about 3 years but not interested in that line. You are more interested in Accounts. I suggest you apply for MBA of a Good University. Take Accountancy as a subject in that course and complete MBA while working in the same job. Once you finish your MBA you can opt for a job in Accounts with MBA degree and your experience in software will also be helpful in that line. Once you finish your MBA and in a good job, I think you need not worry for CA. Still, if you are interested you do cost Accountant course which is almost equivalent to CA.

    always confident

  • You have BCOM background and many people are getting into the finance background more than engineering lately. So you should take the hint and continue with the CA career. The reason being the financially the CA career s more into the growth. And in case of the testing you may have to understand that it's not the most financially growing anymore.

    Being a automation tester myself. I can tell you that this field has slow growth unless you're working for MNC or the upcoming startups with larger budget. CA and the financial industry job looks more lucrative in this case.

    You should definitely stick with the commerce industry and try to land consistent CA job or start your own CA firm. Just make sure to have some experience with CA before you start your own venture. You can also go for the MBA and apply to the financial firms on management and the analyst jobs.

  • First of all I would like to tell you to believe in yourself. What your mind wants, as I could understand from your writing, is that you wants to be a CA professional within your mind. But you are, due to many reasons, not so confident now. In fact this fear of not clearing CA is what leads you to many other options like MBA and all..

    CA is not something unattainable. If you believe you can, You will of course. All what you need is strong belief in self. Additionally you cleared IPCC with top rank, that is not something small. So, I believe you could clear CA if you dedicate yourself into it fully.

    Still, if the fear won't let you chase your dream, try another safe way. take a break from the work life. Go for CA, if you could not clear it with reasonable time, leave it. Switch back to work or think about a bit more vacation and find time for MBA as you wish.

    And lastly, concluding, I inspire to be a CA, so I really like people to go for that area. I would be happy to know that you have been a CA one day. Hope you will choose your career that way, All Wishes...

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