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    No objection certificate to apply for more posts

    Planning to apply for several jobs while already working in the State or Central Government? Wondering if it is possible to get NOC in this situation? Here on this Ask Expert page you can find advice so that you can resolve your doubts.

    I am working in state government of Tamil Nadu in PSU. I am applying for a higher post in in other Central / State government jobs. and I keep on applying for more jobs. In this connection I want to get NOC for all jobs which I know is not possible. But I want NOC in final stage of one job only. So in this stage what procedure should I follow correctly and officially?
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  • All applications should be forwarded through your department head. This is the general rule for applying in the government departments. In the end of the application, there will be a proforma on which you have to get the signature of your head of the department. That itself will act as an NOC. If you want NOC separately you have to apply to the concerned head with all the details of the job you are applying. General NOC may not be given. If you are not taking permission at the time of application, they have every right to say no to you to get you relieved or giving an NOC. I advise you to inform them every time you are applying so that you will be safe.

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  • I fully understand your predicament because I also faced similar situation when I was working in Railway. However, there is no solution or short-cut, because, it would not be possible to know which examination (and interview) you would finally qualify. NoC will not be granted if you apply at the last stage.

    The solution is to go on applying through proper channel and sending an advance copy in case of every examination to the department where you are applying. You have to keep record in respect of every application sent to your Departmental Head. This is important. Even if your present office doesn't forward your application, if you are selected, you will be able to submit proof that you applied through proper channel. At the same time, there is a less-discussed provision which states that if the department doesn't specifically reject your application through proper channel within a reasonable period of time (usually 15 days), you application will be deemed to be sent through proper channel (even if not actually sent by the present office).

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