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    CRPF rejoining rule after giving resignation

    Have a query about the basic procedure for CRPF recruitment? Wondering how one can rejoin after resignation? Check out this page for advice from experts so that you can get some idea about the rejoin procedure.

    I have joined CRPF as a constable on 21st of March 2017 and was under training. But I have resigned the force on 2nd of June 2017 because of personal reason. Now I am willing to rejoin the force again. Would you like to provide me some suggestion to rejoin?
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  • I think it is difficult to rejoin. The CRPF will consider people to rejoin within 90 days of their resignation. But in your case, it is more than 90 days since you got relieved in the month of June. So they may not give any consideration for you to rejoin. Again you may have to apply as a fresh candidate and undergo the complete selection process as you have done earlier when you got selected. That is the only way, as far my knowledge goes.

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  • Once a person resigns from a particular post in Govt offices including armed forces or para military forces then he surrenders his all rights as a worker or executive in that department. He does not have any right in that post or cadre after that.

    There is a procedure for rejoining within 90 days if the department thinks that it is in public interest. As in your case the time has already elapsed you can not take advantage of that facility.

    Only thing you can again apply for recruitment and if your application is accepted and you qualify the tests etc, you can join as a fresher and as junior most person at that time.

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  • If your resignation has been accepted by CRPF authorities, it would not be possible for you to re-join the earlier post. If your application has been kept pending (sometime the competent authority does this out of sympathy for the employee), you have a chance to re-join the same post after regularisation of the intervening period as leave.

    However, as you have resigned, you can again appear for selection against any post of CRPF provided you fulfill the eligibility conditions, and can join CRPF. That would be a fresh appointment.

    In this connection, I would like to state that Government recruitment is not a joke, and you can't and shouldn't take appointment in a frivolous manner. Appointment in Government has some responsibility and every post has some dignity. What you did (resigning without thinking about repercussions) is unbecoming of a Government employee. Sorry to say the truth!

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