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    What is procedure to convert agricultural land to commercial land?

    Interested in converting land from agricultural to commercial? Searching for the detailed procedure, the forms, documents and fee requirements? On this Ask Expert page you can read suggestions from experts to your questions.

    I have 4 acre land in Vijayapura(BJP) Karnataka, which is 12km from central bust stand which comes under Vijayapura corporation.

    I would like to convert this agricultural land into commercial land (commercial NA) to establish some manufacturing unit for industrial purpose.

    Can you tell me the step by step process regarding the forms to be filled, documents required, fees etc.
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  • Conversion of Agricultural land into the non-agriculture land is to be done by the permission from District Revenue Authorities. The tax you have to pay for this is known as NALA tax. You have to submit an application form to RDO, in which you have to mention clearly the extent of land you are converting and the survey numbers of that land also should be clearly mentioned in your application. You have to attach a topo plan of that area marking in red, the places where you are constructing the buildings and other shops required. The fee to be paid will be informed by the RDO only. After receiving your application a survey team from their office will come to your place and conduct the survey as per the details you have given. They may ask you about pollution clearance and factory department clearance if you are going for manufacturing. It iis not mandatory but some officers may insist. You have to show or convince them by saying that you are in the process and as soon as you require you will submit a copy. Then they will submit their report to the RDO. RDO may forward it to the District Collector for clearance. Once the collector has given the clearance the RDO will inform you how much tax you have to pay for that land. This tax is not a one-time tax. You have to pay every year.

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  • There is a standard procedure for conversion of land from agriculture to commercial or industrial use land. Though state to state there may be some small differences in the procedure but in general you have to approach the local land revenue office for this.

    An application alongwith the copy of authorised map of the area clearly showing the boundaries of the plot which is being asked for conversion. The map should preferably show the adjoining lanes or roads or main road if any going nearby or touching the plot.

    You have to specifically mention the purpose for which you want to use it so that necessary permissions from the concerned authorities will be sought later and there is no major hitch in that.

    If your application is complete in details the revenue office will verify the details and inspect the area and the plot for ascertaining that the plot can be converted to commercial use.

    They will also calculate the fee required and you will be asked to deposit the same in their office, bank or treasury. The application will be forwarded to district collector for approval and once approved you will get a formal order to that effect.

    As the Govt offices are involved in this it takes some time to get this. You may have to pursue with them as well as try to satisfy their queries if any.

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