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    Regarding SBI Magnum Balanced Fund

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    I have done a great mistake. I have already invested in SBI Magnum Balanced Fund and have a folio number also. Before login to, I first made registration; but by mistake I did it as a new user and after the registration process is finished, it generated a new Folio number.
    How can I cancel this registration and start the registration again as an existing user?
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  • There is nothing to bother in this case.

    Normally you are supposed to do your further investments in the same folio. In case you have made another it is of no worry because at the time of selling also you will be selling from the respective folio.

    There is no need of cancellation or shifting to earlier folio. Let it be what it is and when you want money in future you sell foliowise.

    In future when you further invest you select one of the folio whichever you feel and increase your units there.

    Please keep all details with you because multiple folio in the same name may sometimes create confusion in your mind.

    Knowledge is power.

  • you need not worry much about this. you can have both the folios and continue further investments in only one folio. The other you can keep just like that without any units in that.
    No need of cancellation I think. You can keep also some nominal units in one folio and the other folio active. This is another option. When we want to sell first from the other folio and vacate it completely and do further transactions with the other folio only.

    always confident

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