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    Clarify whether it should be based on public interest or own interests

    Have a query about deputation norms for government employees? Looking out for knowing the difference between public and self interest? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    My organisation has asked all the eligible employees to submit their application for informal deputation in a government department.
    Sufficient number of employees submitted their applications for informal deputation and organisation has transferred few employees to that govt organisation on informal deputation.
    As per the informal deputation terms, the parent organisation has to pay the all financial benefits to their employees. But after publishing the order, the transfer order was revised and all transfers are changed to on self or own interest instead of public interest.
    Can you clarify whether it should be on public interest or own interests?
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  • From the question it is not clear whether your organisation is a Government office, PSU, semi-Government organisation or private concern. There is no concept of informal deputation. The rules of deputation in Central Government offices emanate from DoP&T's Office Memorandum bearing No. No. 6/8/2009-Estt.(Pay-II) dated 17th June, 2010 as amended from time to time. Centtre to Centre, State to Cente and PSU to Centre deputations are governed by the aforesaid Office Memorandum.

    So far as the issue of public interest is concerned, it must be clearly stated that as you have submitted the application for deputation on your own volition, it would NOT be treated as deputation on public interest.

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  • When a Govt department needs some persons immediately for work it is a general practice to get experienced people in the required field from other organisations on deputation basis and they can go back to their parent organisation after some time when the need is fulfilled with new recruitment which takes substantial time.

    So when applications are asked for this deputation one has to apply on personal basis if he is so interested. The procedure and rules regulations of deputation will apply.

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    I expected 0 point on this answer of mine. It is great that the Editor has very kindly allotted me 2 points. I would be grateful if the concerned Editor explains me the term 'informal deputation', because in my 28 years 1 month Central Government service in different capacities in different Department/Office, I am hearing this term for the first time.

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  • What is informal deputation? Any depiction in any Organisation will have a procedure. I have seen many advertisements in newspapers asking Government employees to apply for certain posts on deputation basis through proper channel and once the deputation is over they will be sent back to their parent institute or Organisation. This is a general way. In private organisations also there are deputations and they will have their own rules and regulations for this reputation. This is the first time I am coming across this word of informal deputation. probably this is without anything in writing the boss may be sending by oral instructions. How is it possible in Organisations? I fail to understand.

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