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    Is it a suicidal tendency if I am eager to know what happens after death?

    Wondering what happens after death? Searching for details of life after death? Here, on this page get information about your query from experts.

    To be clear, I don't want to die. I am waiting for the day on which I will die so that I can know what happens after death. I have a feeling that this is crazy and that's why I need an expert suggestion. Is this okay or is there something wrong with me?
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  • Don't wait for the death. Live your life. There are many things you can do in this world. Why should we wait for death? It will come on time when it has to come. Meanwhile, as a human being, you have to enjoy your life. You have not mentioned your age. What has to happen after death will happen. We don't know anything about it and we can't stop it.
    The belief is if you do good during the life you will enjoy after the death also. If you do bad you will suffer after death also. So you live happily doing all good deeds like helping others who are in need, teaching morals to young people. Donating money and other requirements to the maximum capacity and see that your family is happy. Once you are happy with this, you will never think about what will happen after death. God has given this beautiful to us to enjoy. Do that. Be happy and make your family members happy. Be helpful to them. That will change your life. Otherwise, go and consult a good psychiatrist.

    always confident

  • Dr. N. V. Srinivasa Rao : Thank you for your answer. As you asked my age, I am 20 years old. I am not afraid of death. I am just eager to know what happens after it. If this is a problem, can you please suggest a good psychiatrist?

  • No one knows what happens after death. People are in fact very fearful of it. On the contrary you are telling your feelings. Do not bother and discard this from your mind as it is something like over curiosity.

    Scientifically speaking there is nothing after death and everything from mind to body turns into zero or nothingness. When there is no mind the question of feelings does not arise. In different religions and mythologies people believe in different theories but nothing is proved scientifically hence they can be treated as cojectures of our mind.

    Now I can only give you one advise that focus and concentrate in your education and work and try to achieve success in life and support your family and take up other responsibilities and be busy in various activities like yogasan and pranayam in the morning and walks in the evening. Playing some outdoor game will strengthen you and you will feel highly active and energetic for your work.

    You can definitely consult some good psychiatrist in your area and he will give you more or less same advices and may also prescribe some mood enhancing medicines etc.

    Remember life is a struggle and we have to face it and live it in the most active and gracious manner and death will come to us in due course of time once we have lived our life.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I know a very good psychiatrist in Hyderabad. Dr Ajay Saxena. His hospital is in East Maredepalli of Secunderabad and I know many people who got cured under his medical care. Especially boys who are around 18 years and having this tendency were treated and now they are doing very good. I am giving his number. You can take an appointment on phone and then go. The number is 040- 65214494. Timings 10.30 to 2,30 PM ( Monday, Wednesday to Saturday). Evenings:6.30PM to 9.00PM (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). If you are somewhere near you can try.

    always confident

  • You are 29 and thinking about death and its aftermath. Please forget this, get on with your life. It's human nature to think about death, what will happen to our dependents ( parents, children, siblings), will they be looked after well, will they suffer in your abscence. Some individuals think of death and pray that they die peacefully. These are the common thoughts that goes into most people's mind in India.

    In many western countries, some are obsessed with death and become misfits in the society, needing regular help. In some South American countries, people celebrate death as a festival to honour their elders who have departed.

    Being constantly think about it necessarily does not mean suicidal tendencies but needs to be looked into.Are you deeply into violent games, video games that give points for the number of characters that you kill. Have you watched many movies that revolve around death, life after deaths, spirits etc. Have you lost a neighbour or a family member and were aware of what they went through the final stages.

    I would suggest, please see a good psychiatrist and then move on with positive things in life. You have a long life to lead productively for people connected with you. Being positive, harbouring good thoughts, good feelings towards others, pick up a good sport or hobby and lead a life that's complete emotionally and spiritually.

  • There is natural tendency of people to think about life after death, reincarnation and the life we live now. So all of those things do add up. And we can see that its completely natural for people to either fear or welcome the death. That's something people are not even aware of that it's not worth wasting life thinking about. It adds no value in our life to think about universe, life and death. We have plenty of things to work on and think about instead of thinking too pessimistically. Because learning these things from science perspective is one thing and being afraid and being pessimistic about it is another thing. So live your life. Don't bother about what may or may not happen.

  • Suicidal tendency is a psychological problem and best course in such cases is to consult a psychiatrist.
    You are putting it in a different fashion that you want to explore what happens after death. This is something to try to see in the totally dark place. It is not only unknown but also not connected to our life after death. The start and end of life cycle is clearly known and why we should doubt that something will happen after death.

    Anyway one advise to avoid such ideas is concentrate in your work and take life positively and live it to the best of ways as possible. Do whatever you want to do in this life only. This is a rare chance that we are humans having brain to think and analyse unlike animals who are also live like us but devoid of higher order brain.

    Let us use our brain to extract knowledge, wisdom and logical abilities in this life only and should not venture in dark territories.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Anyone who is born has to die one day.Let that be a suspense. Let us leave it to fate or God.
    What we should be concerned should be how we can "LIVE". It is really interesting to live. We should learn to enjoy life. What all things nature or God has given to us to enjoy!. Just read the various forum threads posted for the TOW contest thread on topic Miracles. I had also posted a thread ' Everything around us in nature is a Miracle". If you start enjoying the miracles nature has given around us, if you start enjoying life then the thought of death will never occur. You will then feel that 24 hours is not enough for a day.

    Your present thoughts about death after.. comes only because you have not involved yourself in various activities. Your mind is now lazy and hence it travels to unwanted places. Keep yourself engaged for full day every day. Sleep well,enjoy food; have good time with friends and family, have entertainments like movies, TV, social media interactions etc. You will not have enough time even for these. So the question of death will never come near you.

    Enjoy life. It is god given. We have to be thankful to God by living purposefully, helping ourselves and others.

    Just enjoy and practice what is contained in te famous verses of Robert Faust:

    "The Woods are lovely dark and deep;
    But I have promises to keep;
    And miles to go before I sleep."

    Yes we all have lot of promises to keep and lot of miles to travel for that. Written, spoken unwritten and unspoken promises also. So we have to work hard and in full dedication to fulfil them. Only after fulfilling all of them can we sleep the eternal sleep.

  • You want to explore something which no one has the privilege of appreciation of the imaginary world. The more you think in this direction, more you will be confused and ultimately there will be detachment of your natural passion essential to forge ahead in the present life.
    You need to think in a rational way so that you can resolve the real issues with you are facing and choose any meaningful career. Concentrate on your present career and achieve the best in your chosen field.ultimately this will give pleasure and many of your well wishers are in the line to congratulate you for your grand performance. Don't behave like an escapist ignoring the present world. Hope you would change your stance and repeat your best performance in terms of studies and career.

  • You are young, why do you want to know what happens after death when you have a whole life in front of you. You need to know the difficulties and enjoyment of working and making and earning of your own, you need to know the pleasures of a married life, the moment when you become a father/mother, the pains and struggles you undergo as you grow old, above all you need to know life. It is much more interesting than death.

    Life after death is just an assumption, no one has so far proved it. So it is better to believe that life ends with death, so enjoy every moment of life to the fullest. Also I do not think you need to see a Psychiatrist, your thinking can be cured through a proper psychological counselling. Meet a good counselor, speak to him, explain to him how you feel and when do you feel and your situations, backgrounds etc so that he gets a clear picture of your life. Accordingly he will advise you how to change this thought of yours.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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