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    WBC, ESR and CRP constantly out of range

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    TLC, ESR and CRP constantly out of range.

    I am a 29 year old male. I have been sick for last 3 years now. I am on Steroids about 7.5 mg and on monthly Actemra (Biological Drug). I get high spiking fever upto 103 - 104 & joint pains.

    I dont have any other symptoms. I have gone through mostly all the possible tests for it.Even Bone Marrow Tests have been done which is all fine. CT Scan, MRI , Xrays, Blood Tests, Cultures etc all have been done many times. They all are fine.

    No doctor has given a satisfactory answer as to what exactly is the problem and also the problem still persists with no solution to it. Except for high TLC, ESR and CRP rest of the things are completely normal.

    I am out of options to know what exactly is the problem and how will be cured of it. We had referred to best of doctors in Delhi NCR but with no results till date.

    I request the members on this site to guide as to what exactly might be the problem. I am willing to share the details of reports if any of the doctors on this site are willing to help. A lot of money and time is being wasted with no relief in pain and we are even clueless about what the problem is.
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  • Your problem appears to be chronic. WBC should not be high or low they should be in the range only. Same is the case with the other two points also. This will make you very much prone to frequent fever and other problems. I feel instead of taking online suggestions, you better consult a very good general Physician. There may be many doctors in Delhi. I suggest you better go to AIIMS, Delhi and consult the specialist. That will be the best course of action.
    One of my cousins used to get frequently fever. He is having a problem with WBC. Then he was treated in Yashoda Hospital Hyderabad by a general Physician and he got cured.

    always confident

  • Hello Dr Rao,
    Thanks for quick response in this matter.
    I have consulted Doctors in India. I have been to AIIMS as well but they couldnt find out anything as well.
    There must be some sort of thing which is creating fever at this level & the body joint pain.

  • At 29 years, being sick for three years indicate chronicity of the underlying disease process. This can easily explain the high ESR and CRP.

    If you are on Actemra and steroids, then, it's likely that you doctors who have prescribed this are on the working or proven diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis.

    Steriods themselves will have a modest increase in the white cell count. Acterma is an immunomodulator and ESR/CRP levels correlate form the time of the last dose taken or given.

    If your bone marrow tests are normal, then serious disorders causing white cell elevation has been ruled out.
    If you CT scan/MRI are normal then a hidden or untreated source of infection has been ruled out. If your blood cultures and rest of blood tests are normal, it implies that there is no bacterial cause or sepsis that needs to be treated. Overall, for doctors treating you so far, a negative test means that the common causes of these abnormalities have been ruled out.

    I think one of the treating doctors may have had a differential diagnosis or Connective tissue disorder or Rheumatiod Arthirits. They would have also tested and ruled out active/occult focus of Tuberculosis that is common in India.

    My suggestion is as follows

    1.have a next opinion (second or third not sure in your case).
    2.Book a double slot time
    3.make a list of your symptoms so far and progress
    4.Arrange your records in chronological order
    5.Arrange your lab results particularly ESR,WCC, CRP with respect to the date the tests were done and when did you last take Actrema.
    6.Make a list of your questions to be asked, be specific.
    7. Take appointments for Infectious Disease Specialist and Rheumatologists at the same time
    8. Allow doctors some time to go through a file and let them know that you will come 1-2 days later for another paid consultation so that you can ask your questions and the doctors can give you a realistic answer.
    9.You can choose from the premier hospitals or the chain of hospitals that you haven't visited. Apollo, Columbia Asia, Max or Medanta.

    While booking the appointment insist that the message that it's a complex case be conveyed to the specialists.Offer to give a hard copy of your files in advance so that the doctors can go through your records.

    10.If needed change the city for the next opinion.

  • I don't know where you live. If you are living in North India, I would suggest you to take online appointment of a general physician and/or a hematologist in AIIMS and start undergoing treatment according to his/her advice. There is a provision of online appointment in the website of AIIMS (

    Please avoid visiting private hospitals or medical practitioners, many of whom fleece money from the patients without providing proper treatment. This is bitter truth.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • As you have mixed symptoms and complications are there it is advisable to consult a top physician who can see the things in totality and then refer you to a specialist if so required.

    Please remember that medical science has evolved much but it is still in developing stages and there are many questions which can not be answered by modern medical science.

    In Ayurveda there are some procedures prescribed for this condition. The most opted one is Panchakarma massage therapy. I do not know how much it will be useful in your case but you can take a chance if this helps in improving your condition.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It appears that there is a problem of diagnosis in your case or it is beyond the modern medical science.
    In such cases one can try to go for alternative medicine system like Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Homeopathy etc.
    Naturopathy deals with control on food and taking only those ones which do not induce allergy in body, it also says that proper sleep is essential for body and things like that.
    Ayurveda on the other hand deals with the cleansing of body through herbal medicines and rejuvenating it with particular massage.
    Acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese system where needles are inserted at select points to bring out the desired effect of curing a person for his ailment.
    Homeopathy is all together a different methodology where special chemicals are given in very very small amount to excite the body to increase its immune system.
    It is true that alternative medicine systems are not authenticated by modern medical practices but there is no harm in trying them as they do not have any side effect.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • From your statements it is clear that you have a keen opinion from different and best lot of doctors. You are prescribed some medicines also. The tests undergone eliminate ll possible causes and factor.

    In this situation, I suggest you visit an experienced and qualified Ayurvedic doctor or an established Ayurvedic hospital of repute. You need not discontinue the medicines you take now. But apprise the Ayurvedic doctor about the details of those medicines and about your earlier medical history.

    Ayurvedic system may target the overall improvement and immunity and may be able to make some improvements in your health gradually, let us hope. The treatment, if the doctor so diagnoses and decides, may need some regulations and changes in food habits, lifestyles etc.

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