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    I am underweight so how to gain weight

    Are you desperate to increase weight? Looking out for the methods to gain weight? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can read all the advice from experts and prepare an action plan and resolve your desperation.

    I am 24 years old, my height is 5"6 inch and my weight is 48 Kilograms. I can't gain my weight. I have tried most of the things but I can't get a better result.
    How can I gain weight? What I do now?
    I really want to a solution of this problem.
    I have joined gym last month but after that I lost more weigh. Hence I left the gym.
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  • You should make some sort of adjustments in your food - style and ensure that you are enjoying a sound sleep during night. There are a few additional points which must be taken into consideration if you want to put significant weight.
    1) First of all, you need to get your blood - report from a reputed pathological labs with respect to liver - function test and thyroid test. In case of dysfunction of liver, the nutrients of food will not be properly absorbed and as a result, you may not gain weight.
    Supposing that you are suffering from hyper thyroidism, you would loose weight in due course. Any abnormality in this regard can be corrected with the appointment of your physician.
    2) In Ayurveda, Aswagandha - powder is available. This powder roughly one teaspoon should be dissolved in Luke - warm milk and should be consumed prior to going to bed in night. Continious use of the same for two months would help you in gaining weight since this herb contains abundant amount of Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and other valuable constituents helpful in gaining weight.
    3) Include some healthy fats and Protine in your meal such as clarified butter, Cheese, , eggs and dry nuts like Cashews and Walnuts etc. A regular incorporation of these items will certainly be helpful in registering weight.
    4) Involve in regular exercise such as brisk walking for thirty minutes regularly and even stretching exercises would be helpful to you.
    5) Stress should managed within a reasonable limit. A few leaves Tulasi if chewed early in the morning in empty stomach would prove to be an excellent immunity - booster.

  • Thank You Sir its a really Helpful advice for me. i will work on it once again i want to say thank you so much.

  • Generally losing weight is much difficult than gaining weight. If you are not gaining weight you first get yourself checked medically like undergoing a master health check up program where lot of tests are done to analyse the condition of functioning of various parts of the body. That will give a fair idea about any abnormality due to which your weight is not increasing.

    Now coming to the food intake and life style. For increasing weight a person should take adequate amount of carbohydrates, fats, sugar and proteins. At the same time some exercise is also required to keep the body fit. While doing exercise please keep one thing in mind that do not over exercise as it will burn more calories which will go against weight increasing objective.

    You can take some supplementary foods like Complan or equivalent in the market. That will give you a boost of minerals required for the body.

    Knowledge is power.

  • For increasing weight the food intake and type of food is very important. The diet should have carbohydrates in ample quantities. It means you have to take foods like rice, potato, sweet dish, banana, full cream milk etc.

    In addition to food there are other aspects like having a good sleep, low stress levels etc.

    You can get yourself some medical examination for anything which is causing this. Actually the weight gain is also related to body metabolism. In some people it is so much increased that fat deposition or weight gain becomes a problem.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • My first suggestion to you in this regarding is consult a general physician and get the required tests as suggested by the physician. Some people won't gain weight even they eat for gaining weight. The type of body is like that. If your body is also that type you will not pick up weight. This will be confirmed by doctor. If any unknown problem is there in the body that will also get cleared by this tests. Then you try to eat more carbohydrates and other weight gaining foods. But eating more will give you a fat be careful in food items. Take more food but healthy food only. Eat more chocolates and biscuits. Don't do any fasting. But the important aspect is to know the clinical condition by contacting a doctor.

    always confident

  • Based on your Height of 5 feet 6 inches and weight of 48 kgs, your BMI is 17.2 Your normal weight range should be around 55-65 kgs.

    1. you need to talk to your parents as see whether you were always a little underweight from childhood.

    2. If your dietary habits have been poor or you have been a poor eater during the important phase of growth 13-19 years (increased demand for nutrients y the bones, muscles and other organs), then you are likely to be underweight.
    3.Most people tend to lose weight initially at the Gym.
    4. Consult a good internal medicine specialist and a gastroenterologist. You can get a chance to rule out many common diseases that result is a failure to gain weight or losing weight (hyperthyroidism, malabsorption syndromes, inflammatory bowel disease and tuberculosis).
    5.Then you can follow any of the above suggestions
    6. Please be careful when you start taking high Protein diet, over the counter bulking drugs and food supplements or unbranded herbal medications. They shouldn't affect your liver and kidneys.

  • I am giving link of one of my articles exactly on the same subject. I sincerely feel that it would serve your purpose.

    The link: Best ways to gain weight naturally

    From the article, you will see that you have to take calorie-rich food and adequate protein for muscle-building, exercise regularly and avoid junk food. At the same time, you have to avoid health food or drink which are advertised for quickly gaining weight. These health foods/drinks do not have long-time effect and may prove harmful. You will also have to undergo treatment for any disease you may be suffering, which causes weight loss.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • For gaining weight most important thing is calories you take per day, diet you follow, how much time you eat daily and last one is exercise because without hard work, you cannot gain anything. you can be watch videos of fitness fighters on youtube, they taught simple steps or exercise for weight gain sufficiently. Calories: You require to eat calories larger than your keep going calories so you can gain aggregate of fat and muscles in a evenly process.
    Diet: Eat carb rich foods and eating more than the daily intake.

  • Why do you need to increase your weight ?
    1. Anyone said that you are looking bad with less weight ?
    2. You are lack of energy/stamina ?

    Different people have different opinions, Until you are healthy never fall for the misleading words. Your physique depends on various factors like food habits, age, work nature and most importantly it is also genetic. As far as your Body Mass Index (BMI) your are lean and not very thin. If you gain 4 more kilograms then it crosses 19 points which is normal. If you are lean genetically then you cant do much about it. You can gain muscles by heavy work outs and proper diets but you should keep continuing your exercise routine else you will lose weight.

    Go with Ayurveda supplements than preferring protein powders. Do not hear or follow bad advice like eating more chat items or drinking beer in order gain weight.

  • Your statement"I have joined gym last month but after that I lost more weight" shows that till now you were eating that was just enough for your physical activity. That is why when you started exerting more physical activity you started to lose weight.
    But what I do not understand is why you left the gymn. Was there no trained person who could guide you on your diet and nutrition also? If not, then thank God, you left the gymn. Please take care that in future if you join a gymn e sure that it has properly rained personnel who can properly guide you in the most suitable exorcise activities and also on the needed diet and nutrition too.

    First of all know what is your family heredity features. If your parents and siblings are also underweight even after taking normal balanced food, then you need not expect miracles. But you may expect some cosmetic gains. Before going for weight gain plans, ascertain properly how much you are underweight. Then plan the weight gain action only to reach the normal level and stay within the permissible margin from then on.

    3500 calories can gain you approximately a kilogram of weight. But even that try to gain gradually so that it will appear also good and you may not have side issues also.
    Target your weight gain with a time frame. Then calculate how much additional calories you have to eat to reach that expected level within the time frame.(Keeping the same level pf present physical activity) Divide that total additional calories to regular uniform addition every day.Then plan your each day's food in such a way that you get the additional calories from across different types of food like carbohydrates(sugar plus grains), fats and also take sufficient proteins too. If you do not experience any problems like indigestion etc, you may continue and check your wight after say ten days. Then you can decide whether you are gaining according to plan and calculation. If variations are found, make suitable adjustments
    However is advisable to visit a doctor before embarking on your weight gain plan and ensure that you do not have any health issues and contra indications. Doctor also will give you some customised suggestion.

  • Waw, Thanks to all of you for giving me different types of ideas and suggestions, I read all responses that are really good and knowledgeable. I will work on it thanks once again to all of you.

  • Gaining or losing weight always depends on the intake that we have. First to gain weight check the height chart where it will be mentioned that how much a men or women should have weight according to their height. Because overweight also causes many health issues. So before gaining weight have a check in that chart.
    Tips to gain weight from home remedies.
    1) Drink lot of water daily.
    2) Have food which is rich in carbon hydrates proteins, minerals, and fatty acids.
    3) Regular push up skipping exercise as per your age must be done.
    4) For your hot food, you can add ghee one teaspoon with rice and have it with a little salt.
    5) you can have vegetables like potato boiled daily also.
    6) Consume foods which have rich fat content like fruit juice, bread etc.
    7) Rich calories food like bananas, peanut, butter.
    One small suggestion you can put on weight. But before increasing your weight keep your tummy flat. Even if you put on weight the tummy should be flat.
    Its better you do exercises for your tummy to not to increase.

  • There are lot of reason for weight loss which are depression, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, liver diseases. But most probably not eat the healthy diet in the right time is the main reason for weight loss.

    Get up in the early morning and drink more water. Milk and milk products are rich in calcium,protein, Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium which builds body. Proteins are the body builder so take foods which are rich protein. So take cereals, pulses( if sprouted it is so good). Take this as evening time snack. Take more fruits especially bananas, kismis, fig, dates.

    Cashews, almonds are good which gives good fat. Instead of oil use ghee as much as possible. Gingelly and gingelly oil good for health. If your body is not you should take fenugreek to control your body temperature.

    To put on weight compulsory avoid the junk foods which immediately gain some weight without any benefit. To control the intestinal worms eat neem(tender) leaves in the morning time.

    Soak the Amla with honey to encourage the Haemoglobin or take Nellikai Lehiyam. The other option is take thettrankottai lehiyam.

    Apart from this do your work actively which makes good appetite and this enhance the absorption of nutrients. Do it regularly which gives you positive result as a healthy weight gain.

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