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    How to do GM diet plan for weight loss?

    Planning to adopt an effective diet plan? Looking out for information about the GM diet plan? Here, on this page check out responses from those who have used the diet plan and really benefited from it.

    I need a natural vegetarian diet plan for weight loss. My friend suggested me 7 days gm diet plan.
    Actually, what is this GM diet and how to follow this? If there is anybody here following this diet, share the complete information, side effects and your results.
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  • My sister tried this. She reduced her weight by 4 to 5 Kgs in a month. But once she discontinued she regained the weight. Hence my suggestion goes for 30 minutes yoga in the morning daily and one-hour walking you do. Don't take any food containing only carbohydrates. Take more vegetables and dol. Take buttermilk by removing butter. Don't consume sugar. Don't consume sweets. Go for good food. Don't eat fast foods and fry items. Be away from cool drinks and ice creams. Don't take oily items. Then you will see beautiful results.

    always confident

  • It's not easy to lose weight if it was, then there would be little demand for these various diet regimens.

    GM diet was a diet plan developed by General Motors for their staff and then made popular. Initially, it was a non-vegetarian diet plan, now they have a vegetarian plan too. You or anyone can get one over the internet, so I won't waste time is typing it once more.

    Initially, there may be a weight gain and once you finish the diet plan, if you go back to your old habits, then you will start gaining weight back again. Avoiding alcohol during this regimen is advisable.

    Diet alone will not be useful. You also need to have a gradual increase in exercising also I I don't' know your age, weight and exercise tolerance levels). This can include jogging, treadmill, yoga or swimming. A lot of people start running a lot to exercise and lose weight, if you overdo it, you'll hurt your knees.

    Avoid the foodstuffs rich in sugar and calories ( sweets, dairy products, junk food and preserved/ready made food ( ready-made parotas etc). Please watch out for liquid calories, many people on a liquid diet drink pre-packaged juices, add sugar or eat too many ripened bananas or mangoes (1 medium sized mango can have up to 150 calories).

    The best practical approach is a combination of diet and exercise and remembering to keep realistic targets and once weight loss is achieved, we need to maintain it.

  • Before going ahead with what is GM diet, my personnel advice would be that don't follow it. Reason being, yes it does help in weight less which is temporary, you will be back to square 1 the moment you will stop this diet. The plan is available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

    By following this diet you loose the water in your body and due to high fiber food it will consume the fat in your body which reflects as weight loss. Since diet is not our normal food it won't be possible to follow it lifelong.

    GM Diet plan is 7 day plan which is easily available over internet. It is good for detoxifying your body, you can use this diet plan once in every 3 or 6 months so that it detoxifies your body but don't follow this solely for weight loss as it is only temporary.

    Weight loss is gradual process which has to be achieved through proper adequate food along with exercise.

  • There are many diet plans available in market and many nutritionists will be happy to prescribe similar ones on payment of their fee.
    GM diet plan is one of them and definitely effective as it replaces your normal oily, fat and carbohydrate diet with fiber, less carbohydrate etc.
    Basically it is a problem of self discipline. If we restrict our diet to fibrous foods, fruits, less fat and oil, toned milk, no to junk foods, regular exercises for calorie burning etc then it will have miraculous effect and weight loss will follow gradually and it will then not increase if we maintain that life style.
    So the trick is to reduce unnecessary indulgences in street and hotel foods and restrict to a healthy diet.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Diet plan is for those who are overweight. First, before reducing your weight find out the weight, you should be for your height. If you want to reduce your weight then follow this routine it really works:
    1) Early morning empty stomach add a teaspoon of honey with lukewarm water and drink it.
    2) Do the good exercise for your age and walking as per your age.
    3) Have light breakfast with a lot of vegetables and drink lukewarm water after breakfast. Have tea/coffee after half an hour of your breakfast.
    4) In between afternoon lunch if your hungry have some fruits which have a lot of liquid content in it for eg Orange, watermelon etc.
    5) Have light afternoon lunch with a lot of leafy vegetables. Because leafy vegetables help to remove toxins from our body. Even after lunch drinks lukewarm water.
    6) Evening snacks preferably avoid junk food and have dry fruits like badam, dry grapes etc with your coffee/ tea.
    7) Evening Dinner have very light as far as possible avoid rice. Have at around 2 hours early before going to bed.
    8) Before going to bed your stomach should be half empty. I,e the food should be digested.
    Follow this diet plan to reduce weight.
    Never go to bed soon after you eat and always chew your food properly. Never drink refrigerated water.
    As far as possible avoid sugar in your daily intake. Instead of sugar, you can use bura sugar or jaggery.
    I am following this and I have found results. I hope this may help you to reduce your weight.

  • GM diet is a 7 day plan which cuts off the added calories off your body. It helps to cleanse and detoxify your body.

    Personally I have tried GM diet and honestly I have lost nearly 2.4 Kgs in a week. But the saddest part is that I was not able to continue it after a week as I experienced severe headache and fatigue. I have heard from some of my friends that they too have experienced the same, but there are few who have successfully been on it. Our body should have the enough stamina to cope up with the sudden change in diet pattern.

    As advised by doctor, Don't directly jump to follow this diet pattern. At first start reducing the intake of food you consume daily. Cut whatever you consume into half. If you are having four chapatis, have two. Reduce the intake of rice and sugar. Eventually stop consuming food at night. Consume more fruits and protein rich sprouts. When you feel your body is energetic with low consumption, start GM diet.

    I will also suggest you few tips which worked out for me even without GM diet

    In an empty stomach, have Luke warm water mixing honey and lemon into it

    Consume more water. Always have warm water with pieces of cucumber, amla, mint, lemon and ginger. This helps to cleanse and detoxify body.

    Reduce the intake of sugar, ice creams, junk foods and aerated drinks.

    Divide the intake of food to 5-6 times

    Consume sprouts

    Do any workout for at least half an hour in a day .

    Hope this information will be helpful and all the best for safe and healthy weight reduction.

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