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    Name differences in SSLC and HSC Marksheet

    Is there a difference in name in any of your documents? Searching for a solution to resolve this issue? You can read the suggestions from experts here regarding its impact on the interview and the procedure to correct the marksheet.

    Thee is a difference in name in my SSLC and HSC marksheets. But it is correctly printed in BBA and MBA marksheets.
    I am preparing for Banking and SSC exams.
    Will there be any impact on the interview in bank or for government job?
    How to change the name in SSLC Marksheet of State Board Tamilnadu?
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  • Your personal details should be seme in all your qualification documents. Your name is very important identification for each person. All your educational documents should contain the same name. If it is not correct in SSC and SSLC why did you wait till you complete your BBA and MBA. How did the university not objected for name difference. It is a little confusing.
    However, you can get your name corrected in your SSC and HSLC certificates by applying to the concerned board through your school. You have to make an application to the board in writing. If you contact your school administration they will inform you the requirements like proof of your name and fee to be paid etc. Then they will forward your application to the board for necessary correction. Immediately you approach your school for necessary corrections. Otherwise it may create problem in getting employment.

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  • Your name should be same in all the documents right from your high school to final educational degree. The reason is at the time of verification of documents for a job interview there should not be a difference in name or date of birth or fathers name etc etc.

    Another thing is your name should be same in Aadhar card, voters card etc also because these are the documents used for various purposes in your life now and then.

    Please contact your board of education or concerned office or college and give an application for correction of name in your certificates and marksheet. Sometimes they may ask you supporting documents like birth certificate etc or they may ask you to submit a legal affidavit for that.

    You have to pursue it and get the corrected marksheet or certificates so that you do not face any problem in future.

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  • For this, its better you refer the answered queries which are answered in ask the expert section. But To be clear the name of father's and mother's name even your name should be the same as it appear's on the birth certificate. Right from the beginning of the graduation till the end of graduation its is better to have father's name, mother's name and even the student name with initials and surname should be the same. In case if it has not happened then you should write a letter to the concerned board for changing the father's name with a court affidavit. Along with the letter, it's better, you post a xerox of your father's aadhar card. You can attend the exams but later you need to clear the doudts or get exchnaged with the name from the state board.

  • If there is a difference of name in your educational certificates, then it would definitely create problem-not only at the time of competitive examinations, but also during acquiring of passport and acquiring of property. Ideally, your name must be the same as indicated in the AADHAR card. So, you check your name in every document carefully.

    I feel that at this stage (after such a long time) it is not possible to change you name by applying to the concerned Board (in this case Tamilnadu Board). So you have to sign an affidavit before a First Class Magistrate declaring that Mr. XYZ and Mr. Xyz is same and the correct name is Xyz. You have to publish similarly worded classified advertisement in an English newspaper and a Vernacular newspaper. You have to permanently preserve the original affidavit and the original advertisements.

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  • It is important to get your name spelling and the initials correct in the SSLC and the HSC marks card. This would form the basis for many job applications, legal documents including passports. If you are planning to study or work abroad, it is mandatory to get your first name ( the name given to you) and the surname ( your father's name or husband's name).

    This is important to get it corrected with an affidavit submitted to your school authorities and then ensure that the rest of your documents that can be used as ID proof, Age proof and address proof (voter's ID, PAN card, driver's license) have the same spelling as your SSLC and HSC marks card.

  • In fact your name and your parents name should not change right from your birth certificate to Aadhar card and also including all your educational qualifications.
    This is very important as now a days all data is entered in computers and any mismatch anywhere will be very embarrassing and inconvenient to you as well as the authorities which are verifying it.
    You must try to get your school or college certificates and mark sheets corrected from the board of education. Sometimes they may reject your request on the plea that it is a old case and records are not available and things like that.
    In that case you can get an affidavit prepared by the advocate and along with supporting document for your claim you get it verified by magistrate or notary public and submit the copy of that affidavit to any place where your correct name is required for verification.
    Though it is a cumbersome process you must get it done on priority. This has implication for your job applications elsewhere.

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