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    Non -alcoholic fatty liver disease

    Are you suffering from fatty liver disease and seeking medical advice for an early cure? Let us go through the responses of our experts here.

    I am suffering from non- alcoholic fatty liver disese.My LFT test shows SGOT/AST 58.0 & SGPT/ALT 108.0. My vitamin D (25 OH) is 18.3. I have been advised by homeopathy doctor medice like CARDUUS MAR. Q H.P.I. 10-10,BIO-COMB.NO.-21.Is it right medicine ? Should I continue or not ?
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  • My father's brother is a very good homoeopathy doctor. Just I had a discussion with him after seeing your post. He says the above medicine is generally prescribed for your problem. But he says any homoeopathy medicine should be used as per the doctor's advice. That doctor will see the whole family history and he will see the other symptoms also. So better go to a good doctor and follow his suggestion.
    My uncle also informed that one of the following four medicines can also be used basing on the other conditions.
    Chelidonium: This is a natural medicine It can be used if you want to take always hot drinks Drinks which are very hot) and hot foods.
    Lycopodium: If you have the gastric problem and acidity symptoms you can use this.
    Phosphorus: If you have pain in liver and if you have to vomit sensation and vomitings.
    Calcarea Carb: If you have the obesity problem, then this is the medicines.
    I have given just names. But you have consult the doctor for actual dosage and potency.
    Please take the advice from a good doctor.

    always confident

  • I'm not commenting about the medications
    In the simplest terms, what we eat is digested and stored in the liver as energy. Depending on our work pattern and energy expenditure the balance remains as fat, stored in liver.
    Excess fat in Liver can be in varying stages
    1.Fatty liver - seen in many normal looking people having ultrasound of abdomen done for some other reason
    2.Non-alcoholic fatty liver with normal liver function test
    3. Non-alcoholic fatty liver with abnormal liver function tests
    4.Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis - this is a potentially harmful condition where in patients can develop liver failure.

    Fatty liver disease is common in a developing country like India. The commonest culprits are obesity, diabetes, common medicines and increased consumption of the aerated soft drinks.
    If your are following homeopathic then you please seek the advise of a good doctor in that field

    My suggestions are as follows,if you are interested in allopathic advise.

    1. Write down your food dairy for a week, what you eat, how much(rough estimate)
    2. Soft drinks and or alcohol consumptions
    3. current or previous medications taken for a while ( many people are not aware that common antibiotics and anti fungal medications can alter liver function tests)
    4.Any jaundice in the past,if so the duration and treatment given.
    5. Your recent blood tests done - including FBS,PPBS,Hb1Ac and lipid profile. Liver function test results, we need to know the range as it differs based on the technique and expression units.
    6. An ultrasound of the abdomen - looking at liver and gallbladder for gallstones.
    7. Please consult a medical gastroenterologist in any of the specialty hospitals and get yourself assessed
    8. They would assess you and often advise a liver biopsy and or a Liver Fibroscan ( to check for the amount of fibrosis). Also they would check for markers that indicate presence or previous attacks of Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C.

  • The medicines as suggested by your doctor seem to be quite appropriate in your case though there are other medicines as well to treat the same disorder such as Lycopodium, Chelidonium, Phosphorous, Natrum Sulph in low potencies etc.
    However, it is always desirable to follow the instruction of the Doctor since in case of development of any abnormal situation, he is the first attending physician who can provide you rescue from the ailing symptoms.
    However there are other safe home - remedies to alleviate the symptoms and may be tried to get permanent relief -
    1) Papaya- You may consume a few slices of ripe Papaya regularly for a month and your elevated liver - enzymes such as SGOT and SGPT would restore to normalcy because papaya contains Pectin an element to reduce the swelling of the liver.
    2) Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple Cider Vinegar works towards the normalisation of fatty - liver. You may use two table spoon of the same by diluting with equal amount of water and consume the concoction twice prior to meal.
    3) You may consume hot water two to three times by pouring half cut lemon in the water and by doing so all the toxins present in the liver will normalise and you would get rid of elevation of liver - engyme.
    4) Goose - berry works positively on the functioning of liver, you may take one tabs of goose - berry of 250 mg after each meal bu ensure that the product is from a reputed pharmaceutical.
    5) Avoid consuming Pizza, Burger and fried stuffs in course of treatment.

  • As your having liver problem it's better you consult a doctor regarding this and take proper medication. Unless there is through check up physically nobody can tell you whether your medication is proper or wrong just by reading your report remarks as you have mentioned. But I can tell you some home medicine which you can start with your medication like:
    1) Drink lot of water daily, especially hot or lukewarm water.
    2) As far as possible avoid sweer beverages, potatoes, rice, bread, and corn vegetables.
    3) Have more vegetables, whole grains especially leafy vegetables.
    4)You can even have a lot of dry fruits like badam, dry grapes, pista etc.
    5) The most important point if your alcoholic please quit.
    6) Avoid fatty oil foods, Try to use honey or rock salt for your food.
    7) Avoid regular salt.
    You can follow these diet with your medication. This will not harm you with alophaty or homeopathy medication.

  • Non alcoholic fatty lever disease is a condition where too much fat is deposited in the liver in people who do not take alcohol.

    This is a condition which sometimes manifests as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis which is a serious form and damages the liver and is a irreversible process.

    In fatty liver condition one has to go for weight loss program coupled with a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. Regular exercises are required in order to keep oneself active

    These measures can help in arresting the liver deterioration.

    There are some research going on on use of vitamin E in such cases to increase antioxidants in the body.

    Knowledge is power.

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