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    How can I change my name in my school marksheet

    Want to change your name in school marksheet? Searching for the detailed procedure to do so? Find suggestions from experts here on this page.

    I have passed my High School and Intermediate in 2011 followed by 2013 through UP Board Allahabad. But now because of a certain reason I have changed my name and published it in the Government of India Gazette part 4. Nn]ow I want to change the same in my school marksheets too. Can you suggest me how is it possible?
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  • As far as my knowledge goes you can apply to the concerned board, with your original certificate and Gazette notification, through the school you have studied with a written application mentioning about your change of name and Gazette notification. Your school administration will advise you about the fee to be paid and copies to be attached. You have to follow the instruction given by them. They will forward it the concerned board and Board will do the needful. You can apply for both the certificates at the same time so that you will receive both without delay.
    The total process may take about 3 to 4 months.

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