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    Query about switching from DL2 to DL3 engineer

    Interested in changing to a higher designation? Wondering waht steps to take to move form DL2 to DL3 engineering positions? You can read the answers on this page and resolve your queries.

    I am working on Desktop support DL2 engineer. In DL2 profile I am managing DHCP, DNS and Active Directory.
    I want switch to DL3 engineer. Can you suggest me what to do for switching to DL3 profile?
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  • In desktop support activity, there are three levels. DL1, DL2 and DL3. After DL3, the next stage will be the team leader. This system will vary from Organisation to Organisation. My son works in TCS as L3 engineer. As far as I know, the qualification required for all these levels is same only. But based on the years of experience you will be getting promoted. My son was working in HCL company as L1 support. After working for 2 1/2 years he shifted to TCS as L2. Now in the same company, he got promoted as L3. To switch our to L3 you may have to put up required experience in the same Organisation where you are presently working. Another way is to apply for another company where your profile matches with your experience and qualification for the DL3 position. Anyhow updating and upgrading our skills always with certification courses and other diplomas is a positive addition to our profile and will give better chances for climbing the ladder in our career.

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  • Different organisation have different nomenclature for their promotion strings. For example in Amazon for software engineer it is SDE level 1, 2 and 3.

    In your case it is DL level 1, 2 and 3. Now in a company promotion will only be given when a person has achieved the adequate number of years of experience in his present rank. So from DL2 to DL3 it will not be in a small time. Only thing is if one is extra ordinary in his work and has contributed to the company in a big way and company has benefited by his performance it can consider giving early promotion. You have to assess your position in this respect.

    If you feel your talents are not being properly remunerated in this company you can apply elsewhere at higher openings and that can give you a quick way to reach DL3 level.

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