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    Planning to drop engineering but I need a Diploma

    Confused about how to change from degree to diploma in case of backlogs? Searching for the information about detailed procedure to do so? On this page, find advice from experts to your queries.

    I have completed 4 years Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering but I have 10 backlogs. I am planning to drop engineering. Is there any possibility to get a Diploma certificate based on the engineering?
    Can you guide me to get a Diploma certificate. I heard some institute are at Gujarat. They are providing Diploma courses for engineering undergraduate students.
    Can you provide guidance?
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  • As far as My knowledge goes no one will offer you diploma certificate without studying the course based on your B.Tech study. If some institutes are offering means they may be bogus certificates and they will not be treated as correct certificates. Many private ITIs are also issuing fake certificates like this which are not valid for a good employment. You may get in a private small company without completing your degree also as you have studied B.Tech. But the salaries will be very less. You try some job like that and while working try to complete the backlogs. Otherwise, you have study diploma freshly.

    always confident

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