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    What do you mean by AGP in High Court Writ ?

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    I would like to know the meaning of the abbreviation AGP mentioned in high Court Writ? What does AGP stand for? In most of the case studies we find that Respondent: AGP Shri XYZ or AGP for Respondent from 8 to 10?

    Can you clarify my doubt?
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  • AGP stands for Assistant Government Pleader. There may be a Government Pleader also. He may be referred as GP. A junior person working under the Government pleader will be designated as Assistant Government Pleader. Basing on the qualification and experience AGP may be promoted as GP.

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  • In legal cases, the parties concerned are represented in the courts by lawyers. When there is a civil case in which government or any government official in his position holding the office is a party(for or against), then the government or the government. AGP is Assistant Government Pleader)

  • Whenever there is a court case between an individual and State (Government) the case from Govt side is fought or pleaded by GP or AGP (Assistant Govt Pleader). So in the petitions and counter petitions where ever they are participating their designation will reflect either GP or AGP.

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  • AGP stands for Assistant Government Pleader. AGP is a junior to the Government Pleader (GP) in complicated cases where the Government is a party and more than one Advocate (Pleader) appear on behalf of the Government.

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