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    Need guidance as my career is going down

    Worried about your career? Searching for guidance regarding whether to change the field? Here, you can read the advice provided by experts and decide how to enhance your career path.

    I have completed my B.E. in 2015 in Mechanical Engineering and didn't get a job. Then I did piping course in 2016 and after searching for months I finally got a job in piping field.
    After 4 months during job the company started imposing new rules on employees as to make 2 years bond. The salary was just 7k and my financial condition was not that good so I left the job. Now I am searching job in both Mechanical and Piping field and not getting any job. It has been 4 months since my last job.
    Should I change my field? It has been 2 years since I am struggling for a job. I am confused with my life. Can you guide?
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  • Aditya, you are from which place, Mechanical Engineers will get many jobs of course with a low salary only. You can try in any small factory or workshop near your area. They will consider you for supervisor posts and Engineer post basing on the size of the company and their requirement. Once you join there you have to learn work there and improve skills and start applying for big companies mentioning your specific experience. In my opinion, it may take 2 to 3 years of experience for a better job. Until such time you have to work hard and learn the jobs in the company where you are working

    always confident

  • "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush". This saying is not just for the students to score marks, but should be put in practice in our daily life also.

    It was a mistake that you quit the job you got after some struggle. After all, two years is not a longtime. What was the financial compensation in breaking the bond clause? You would have continued till you got a better job. In the event of getting a better paid job you could quit and then your compensating them fr bond would have been easier also. There is no use regretting or blaming now. But keep it in mind for future.

    Now, as you are in dire need of a job and income, please do not put avoidable limitations. Get any job that you can apply and get and which will pay you reasonable. You may choose a general job or in the field of your study. Please think broadly and you will find many opportunities. You may take help of your well wishers and friends who would be well employed or influential or at least can guide you about vacancies.

    Lazy mind is a devil's workshop. So get occupied as early as possible. You can try for jobs like tuition for the engineering students, temporary or guest lecturer job in some nearby colleges or schools etc. You may contact or apply to some large construction contractors in real estate sector who may be needing such persons.

    You can start a service or consultancy as part time or full time in the field of your study and special study.

    However getting into any job, is the priority, as that will give you confidence to think d find the right placement.

    Best Wishes.

  • Mechanical engineering is one of the branches which is fit for many industries. Though you might be trying your best but I will advise you to look for jobs in petroleum sector, coal sector and transport industry where now a days lot of activity is taking place.

    Automobile is also one sector where there are avenues in maintenance side.
    Do not hesitate in accepting low remuneration jobs if there is a potential of gaining exprrience and acquiring skills. There is nothing like experience.

    Even a small teaching job in a technical training centre or institute will help you to finance yourself and also help in building your confidence. Sitting idle is one of the greatest mistake we all do while in the process of making our careers. Let us avoid it at any cost.

    Knowledge is power.

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