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    About getting job in big companies

    Aspiring to get a job in a large scale company? Looking out for information about whether large scale companies recruit freshers? Here, on this page find suggestions form experts to your query.

    I completed my BTech in 2017 in EEE stream. I want to know how to get a job in big companies like Syska, Bajaj Electrical etc. according to my stream related companies.
    Does that type of large companies recruit freshers or only experienced candidates?
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  • Big companies recruit freshers also on yearly basis as Management Tries. They pay very good salaries even during training also. After successfully completing your training they will appoint you as a manager in the concerned department. From there, your growth completely depends on your efficiency only. Your hard work, punctuality and guiding people under you properly will bring you good chances for promotions. These companies will be advertising in newspapers or you can visit their websites and you can upload your resume so that they will consider.

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  • Look out for the announcements and advertisements by these organisations in media or in the net.
    Visit the official web sites of those organisations and learn about the 'careers' opportunity in them. Some sites may allow you to register. Even otherwise send your bio-data(or resume) to their HRD or other relevant department.

    You may also register in some reputed and established job recruiting sites, specifying your preference and choice.

  • You must register in some popular job websites. Here the big companies hires fresher candidates in off campus method. If your CV get selected by the companies, they will call you for off campus interview. So, do this first.
    On the other hand keep an eye in the newspapers ads and in the concerned websites also in the carrier section.
    Yes big companies recruits fresher candidates. But in initial stage the salary may not be high enough, but after serving a reasonable period i.e. when you get experienced the salary is good.

  • Generally big companies take fresh candidates either directly from campus interviews and counselling or through their advertizements in the media.

    Though you can upload your resume in their site but in exceptional cases or urgent requirement they may give you a call for interview. Anyway it is worth trying to upload your resume their.

    Do not hesitate to accept low remuneration in the beginning as that is only a temporary phase. Once the company assesses your work and is satisfied with it then you will be given more esponsibilities and remuneration will increase significantly in an appropriate span of time.

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  • There are many big and good companies where there may be a job opportunity for you. What is to be done is you have to keep a watch on all the advertisements of these companies in various sites or newspapers so that you can see your qualification versus the vacancy requirement. You do not hesitate in applying wherever you find a near match.

    Meanwhile try to enhance your practical knowledge of your subject as the academic part is already over. What I mean to say by it that in interview they will not ask you difficult mathematical expressions or formulas. They will test your practical knowledge which in fact comes only after working in a laboratory or field installation and you do not have such experience so far as you have just passed out.

    The questions can be as vague as -
    1. Can we store the electricity produced in dams for later usage elsewhere?
    2. Why we step up the mains electrical voltage (220 volt) to so many kilo volt before sending it to far off places?
    3. Why solar and battery operated cars though cheaper in running cost are still not in routine?
    4. If big computer servers are not working (no internet!) what you will do?
    and so on ...
    So be ready to answer the questions of all types related to electronics, telecommunication and electricity. If your performance in interview is good no doubt the big companies will happy to take you in their rolls. So get prepared yourself and do not stop your studies on the pretext that you are searching a job.

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  • Large companies also recruiting freshers but they will check your skill-set and you should be willing to learn depends on current market. Prepare a resume in such a way that it should showcase your talents and especially your final year project. Mostly the questions will be from your resume. So be careful while preparing your resume. Do not give false information.

    While applying for a company, go through the company website. Search for their current project and try to get some details about that. Relate the technology involved with your skills. During the interview, show your interest towards the company and make them to understand how much this job in that company is important.

    If you done all this, this will sure improve the chance of getting a job in a well reputed company.

  • Do not worry my friend. Though you may have heard that big companies mostly recruit from campus and if you are not selected in campus interviews then it is tough to find job in big companies from outside, still this is not a rule. Apart from campus some big companies do recruit from outside also through written test followed by interview. Most of the PSU and government companies like BHEL, BEL, NTPC, DRDO, ISRO etc follow this approach so you need to be alert and look out for their advetisements in newspapers and emplyment news. But competition here will be tough and you should be well prepated with all your BTech subjects to clear the written test. I think since you are just passed out everything must be fresh in your mind, so do not let it fade away and keep brushing your knowledge in meantime. As far as private big companies are concerened some of them do hire from outside by calling the suitable candidate for direct interviews though sometimes small written test is also there. So again here you need to keep open your eyes and ears and look for the relevant openings in different sources when they come out.

    Though in earlier days it was said that it was easier to find job when experienced rather than fresher now the trend has changed. Nowadays due to cost cutting adopted by companies they prefer to hire the freshers more and train them rather than hiring experienced people and pay them more. So currently I feel recruitment for freshers is picking up so you do not need to worry. Yes, but in in your search if you get selected with small companies please do take it up and then continue your search with bigger companies. Right now try for all types of companies rather than only big companies.

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