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    How to increase height

    Want to increase your height? Looking out for methods and vitamins to take to do so? Check out this Ask Expert page and get detailed resolution to all your questions.

    My height is 180 cm. I want to increase my height. I am 20 years male. I wanted to get advice on how increase height? What kind of vitamins should I take? I would like to raise height to at least 185 cm.
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  • There are many non-genetic points such as diseases, lack of physical activity, posture and hormonal imbalance. Lack of physical activity like sports also plays an important role in height gain. If you have short genes but you actively participate in sports then it can affect your skeletal system and the body will direct the nutrition flow towards your bones making them long and strong.
    There are cases where wrong sitting and standing posture makes the person appear short heighted. Some people have a habit of slouching forward or dropping their shoulder which makes them short. You can easily gain some of your hidden height just by correcting your posture. Stretching exercises help in a lengthening of the spine and make it flexible, thus adding inches to your height.
    You can go for special treatment like surgery Surgery is recommended to very short heighted people or individuals with bone deformities. Therefore, follow the natural method of exercising and eating healthy not just to gain inches but overall fitness.

    A Few points to Increase Height
    A number of renowned doctors and physicians from across the globe have written books and manuals explaining their experiences and facts that help the body to enhance its potential for height growth. So, just try these scientifically proven methods to get taller in height. A complete 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is advised for full human growth. It is because human growth hormones are produced in higher levels when our body is at rest, and it is best at rest when we are sleeping. If you follow a daily routine combing enough rest, exercises, and proper food then you can increase your possibilities to grow taller by two to three inches than your actual height.

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  • Though you might have reached almost your maximum height by this time, it may still be possible to increase your height.

    This can be achieved by taking proper balanced diet of sufficient quantity; regular proper physical activity and proper sufficient sleep.

    You may slightly increase the quantum of food you now take, have more protein in the extra quantum than carbohydrates and fats. You can consume nuts like cashew, badam(almonds) etc. They can be taken as mid time snacks. You can take milk and milk products. You may also take any other proteinous and nutritious food which is familiar to you and is traditionally used in your home.

    Please bear in mind that physical activity is essential. If you are a person with sedentary life style, please do some exercises. Let the exercise be of more stretching rather than of strengthening. However here is a caution. If you are a starter do slowly and gradually without over exerting. Practise under a qualified trainer. Activities like forward bend, joints stretching, bar hanging etc can help gradually.

    You can have yoga practise with focus on those yoga poses that give stretch to the limbs and joints, eg. Tadasana, Paschimottaasana etc. Here also a caution- practice under a qualified trainer only.

    You should also ensure that you are getting adequate exposure to sunlight. If you are a person spending whole daytime inside AC cabin , then i is suggested to take early evening strolls getting some exposure to the descending sun and sunlight on your limbs and face at least. This will enable in vitamin D which is again related to calcium absorption needed for bone growth. Bone length is one crucial parameter in a person's height.

    The body needs time for maintenance and generation. So ensure adequate sleep. Also keep your mind free of unwanted worries by involving in positive entertainments and social interaction. You may take some general vitamin supplements, but it is suggested you contact a qualified doctor on this to have a proper customised prescription. You may try the Ayurvedic products like Chyavanprash from established and reputed manufacturers. That will help immunity and regeneration.

    Even one can 'appear to be taller than what really' by dressing and grooming suitably. The hair style can be such a way as to increase the height appearance. You can use proper high heels suitable and comfortable to you. The dresses may have elongated stripes and not horizontal stripes. The colours may be light and thin rather than dark and thick. While standing practice standing upright without bending.

  • Height generally increase upto an age of 20-25 yrs in males and after that it is a difficult thing to increase height. As you are well before that you can definitely try to increase it. Though basically it is a thing related to genetics of the family but there are some measures which can help.

    Certain exercises are believed to help in height increase like stretching, hanging from a horizontal pole and stretching up and down, some postures in Yogasan likeTadasan etc. In addition to these exercises proper food intake is to be taken to give the body sufficient protein, minerals etc which are essential for formation of healthy bones over which the main frame of body resides. Calcium rich foods and nuts are also to be taken regularly.

    During the development phase our body requires good amount of sleep to give sufficient time for various biological processes which are responsible for functions like height increase. So a good sleep is a prerequisite.

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  • I am trying to consume products that contain protein just as salmon ham fish.

  • Your height is based in large part on genetics -- tall parents tend to have tall children. However, environmental factors, such as diet, have an influence, too. The long bones in your legs determine your height. As you grow, plates of cartilage on the ends of the long bones create new bone, which makes the bones longer. At the end of puberty, the bones seal and growth stops. Here are some tips for increasing your hight.
    Consult your physician to determine if you have finished growing. If you are male, at age 18 you may still be in puberty and have a few years of growth left. Through an x-ray, your doctor can determine if the epiphyseal growth plates have sealed.
    Eat a healthy diet of complex carbohydrates, fresh produce and plenty of protein. Protein builds muscle and other tissue. The complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables provide the vitamins and minerals your bones need to grow.
    Eat enough calories to support bone growth. An 18-year-old should consume between 1,800 and 3,200 calories per day, depending on gender, size and activity levels.
    Wear height-enhancing clothing if your epiphyseal plates have sealed. Wear heels or lifts in your shoes to make yourself physically taller, and wear vertical stripes or monochromatic clothing to trick the eye.
    Do exercises that improve your posture. Pilates and yoga strengthen the muscles that support the spine. Proper posture makes you appear taller.

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    but it is true that the quenching on the transverse stimulates the production of growth hormone and other stretching exercises.

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