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    Query regarding opening a tailoring shop, and fixing commission

    Planning to open a tailor shop? Have queries regarding the rate and the commission to be given to tailor and cutting master? Check out this page for advice about the rates and commission amounts and decide your further plan of action.

    I would like to post a query regarding the working of a Ladies Tailoring shop.
    My query is -
    I am going to open a Ladies Tailoring shop in Mnagalore.
    At the beginning, my plan is to start the shop by employing an experienced cutting master and a tailor.

    Can someone please answer the following questions:
    1. If I am hiring a Cutting Master on a commission basis, how can I fix commission? Also how to fix a commission for a Tailor?
    2. How to fix a rate for stitched dresses? Is there any standard that I need to follow?
    Could someone please answer me on this? Looking for your valuable answers.
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  • You want to hire cutting master and also a tailor. You know stitching. You have sufficient work for two tailors. My advice is that you should know the cutting. The shop is yours. Ladies will come and give you the new cloth for stitching, For them you are responsible. If there is a problem in stitching you can rectify it. But if there is a mistake in cutting you can't rectify that. So before starting a tailor shop, you should learn how to cut. Generally, in any tailoring shop, the cutting will be done by the owner. The owner we employ persons for stitching. The Stitching person may be getting about 20 to30% of the total charges. Expenses may be 20 to 25%. The cutter may also take 30 to 40%.

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  • From your query I infer that you want to open a tailoring shop basically for the middle class clients. So you have to fix the tailoring rates on an average what they are already going on in that locality. You can not have higher rates specially when you are a new entrant in that field. The average rates for ladies suits in middle class localities are hardly in the range 300-500 rupees. You can charge slightly more if they ask some particular designs or add onns. You will have to survey in that locality for the ongoing rates.

    Another important thing is area. If the area is already flooded with tailoring shops try to avoid it and search for another one.

    Next thing is to get a shop for suitable rent as that will eat out a good part of your earnings.

    The cutting master and stitching person will be asking for a commission of at least 25 and 35% of rates respectively. It can vary from place to place depending upon their availability.

    If you get good number of orders for stitching it will be a viable option. You can calculate yourself the total expenses required towards rent, electricity, commission to workers, local taxes if any, maintenance etc to arrive upon your monthly running expenses. After that you calculate how many orders you require to pay for these and then save for yourself. By doing this exercise you will be more confident in your business proposition.

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  • First and foremost thing one has to consider is the area as that is of prime importance. People will not like to go to much farther for such services. Their first preference will be a nearby shop. So you may have to survey a lot to find out the crowding of such shops in various prospective areas where large residential units are there.
    Once the area is shortlisted then comes the searching for suitable space for the tailoring shop. A small shop will require at least 14 x 10 feet size with preferably a loft of 6 x 10 feet on the back side with a small width stairs on one side. This will make more working space.
    Now you have to furnish the shop with working tables, stitching machine and other accessories. From local area you can get a cutting master and stitching master. They will have to be on commission basis as that will be proportionate to volume of work. Commission will depend on the local trend and will be at least 25-30% for each of them.
    The final profit will solely depend on the volume of work. In my opinion it will be a better strategy to give your address in local yellow books and shop advertisement in local papers in addition to distribution of shop details leaflets in and around the shop.

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