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    What is the job profile of a Deputy field officer (GD) in Cabinet Secretariat?

    Interested in working as a field officer in the cabinet secretariat? Searching for information about the nature of work, roles, responsibilities and if females are eligible? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

    What are the roles, responsibilities, work nature and job profile of a Deputy Field Officer (General Duty) posting in Cabinet Secretariat? Whether this job is risky or just a normal one? Is this post recommended/suitable for female candidates?
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  • Deputy Field Officer is a non-gazted Group B officer and after promotion, the applicant becomes Senior Field Officer which is a gazted Group B officer.Its primary work is the collection of external intelligence, counter-terrorism and covert operations.
    They are liable for getting and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and persons, in order to advise Indian foreign policymakers.
    The DFO's collects information and hands it over to Field officers, Field officer then hand over the information to the senior field or desk officers, then to controlling officers who are IPS and to Joint secretary level.

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  • Deputy Field Officer is the person in Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of cabinet secretariat who is responsible for collecting information regarding foreign governments, any information about the intelligence operations by foreign governments, any hidden agenda of terrorism or such operation by them etc.

    Sometimes while collecting information someone can offend such officials and to that extent it is a risky job. This job is more and less like an intelligence officers job with emphasis in foreign countries intelligence and aspect of terrorism is one of the challenging thing in this. So the job may not be suitable to female officers.

    Anyway the information collected by the field officers is analysed in their office by higher ups and generally the controlling officer of these deputy field officers and field officers is a IPS officer who submits his detailed report to the Joint Secretary in the ministry.

    These information are very crucial as they affect the strategy of our Govt for taking certain decisions and forming policies for external affairs.

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  • Deputy Field Officer (DFO) is a post of Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW). R&AW comes under Cabinet Secretariat, just like Intelligence Bureau comes under Ministry of Home Affairs.

    The function of R&AW includes collection of external intelligence and analysis of the same. A DFO may be entrusted with collection of information or with the analysis of collected information. He/She may be posted outside India or within India.

    We should not differentiate between male and female in the age of gender equality. This type of job is suitable for such people (irrespective of gender) who have natural affinity towards such work.

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