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    How to control fever and headache?

    Have a query about controlling fever and headache? Searching for names of medicines and injections to cure the ailments? Find advice from medical experts on this page.

    What medicines are required to control fever and headache when we have heavy temperature? How to control cold when suffering from fever?
    Can you provide names of medicine and injections? What precautions should one take?
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  • One point I want to make here is general medicines and injections names we can get on the net. But Without diagnosing the reasons for the ailment nobody should take medicines. When heavy fever is there the first thing you have to do is to have a pill of paracetamol and start wiping the body of the patient with a cold cloth and keep a cold cloth on the forehead. Up to this, it is the first aid. The temperature may come down, but the reasons for fever are not known. So a doctor is to be consulted and the diagnosis should be done and proper medications are to be used.

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  • Strictly speaking we should not take medicines without consulting a doctor. The reason for this is mainly the occasional side effects of the allopathic medicines. If there is some serious side effect or reaction of the drug we will be in problem. Though it is not necessary that every person will have an adverse reaction of a particular drug. In fact adverse reaction is not a common phenomenon but it can happen sometimes.

    Any way this is the general guideline but people take many common medicines without doctors consultation which are even available over the counter (OTC) without a medical prescription.

    The most common medicine taken for fever is paracetamol. This the name of the chemical compound in it. The brand name of the medicine differs from company to company. The doctor will prescribe 300 to 500 mg dose of this to be taken 2-3 times a day depending upon the severity of the fever. Please remember paracetamol only lowers the body temperature to give the patient relief from fever. It does not cure the underlying disease. For that one has to get examined by the doctor for other symptoms and if required some basic tests to identify the exact disease which is causing this fever. Once correctly diagnosed the doctor will prescribe the antibiotic or any other proper medication to the patient.

    For cold and headache one should avoid going in cool breeze or bathing with cold water and avoiding cold foods. Taking hot water in regular intervals sometimes brings relief.

    There are many medicines available in market for cold and headache. They generally comprise of 2-3 chemicals. The brand names will differ from company to company but a general formulation will be more and less like this : Chlorpheniramine - 2 mg, Paracetamol-500 mg and Phenylephrine-2 mg. It is to be taken as two times a day. These chemical constituents may differ slightly from above values in different products from different companies and even some of the above chemicals will be replaced by others as there are many chemicals available for the same ailment.

    One should not try to take medicines without knowing the full details as any mistake will be fatal. There are some quarterly or half yearly updated medical formulation booklets available in market which are to be referred in case of any doubt. Generally these booklets are available in chemist shop who use it for various purposes. These booklets are available in big bookshops also.

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  • Most people take and doctors recommend paracetamol for fever ( provided you are not allergic to it) . However you should see a medical practitioner to assess the cause for fever instead of looking for tablets or injections.
    The causes of fever are wide and varied depending on the patient and the circumstances. Ranging from a simple flu like illness to a viral fever or dengue like fever all can be possible.

    Taking multiple doses of paracetamol alone during high fever without focusing on hydration can harm your kidneys.

    Please drink adequate quantities of water, juice or oral re-hydration solutions ( if would help you to feel better). Then apart from paracetamol, tepid sponging or even a bath with regular water can help in bringing the temperature down. See a doctor soon.

  • According to my experience the fever due to head ache and body ache can be cured in the following two ways.
    1. Make a paste by grinding some peppers with two to three betel leaves in some semi liquid form and the same may be heated slightly to a hardened paste level. This paste can be applied over the forehead.
    2.Few peppers and coriander seeds can be broken into pieces and boiled in water of one cup along with some basil leaves. the water should get boiled into half cup level. This can be consumed by two doses.

  • Fever and headache are most times the outward signals of some other specific cause. It can be a common cold or something that may be of very serious nature and needing some serious investigation and treatment.
    However our own body has its immune mechanism and there are many occasions body will mend itself without any need of medicines.But for that we should allow the body proper time and rest so that it can concentrate on that issue. That is why there is a popular saying ' With medicine cold gets cured in one week, without medicine it goes in seven days'.

    However body needs support and strengthening so that situation does not deteriorate and the cause factor is faced to lessen its effect and remove it altogether. For the viral diseases, the body needs some time to develop immunity and defence,and recovery. The medicines given when the cause is a virus attack, are of supportive nature to prepare the body for its own defence and also to prevent any other gems,bacteria or virus attack.

    In most general cases the medicines given are 'symptomatic'. So when fever is there one medicine at lest will be anti-pyretic or reducing temperature. The medicine ingredient induces the body to sweat more and thereby reducing body temperature by perspiration(evaporation) cooling. If headache is there then the symptomatic medicine is a basic pain reliever.
    However an experienced doctor also diagnoses the cause by a simple physical examination of the patient and the symptoms narrated by him. So along with the symptomatic medicines he may also give the curative ones like antibiotic etc.

    The first attempt taken by a doctor is to put the patient to comfort. Detailed investigation is possible then if needed. Usually for (otherwise) normal healthy peoples, two or three doses or a couple of days symptomatic medicines with proper rest and certain precautionary measures may be sufficient enough to bring back the patient to normalcy.
    When one experiences headache alone, the best immediate action is to apply the commonly available headache balms or liniments ( roll-on types also),on forehead,tie that portion mildly with a handkerchief and take rest for sometime closing eyes. If the headache is caused by warm weather, washing face , forehead and neck with cod water may bring help.
    If one feels the headache is more than bearable, it is better to take the commonly available headache tablet available over the counter. However if relief does not occur within a reasonable time it is better to visit a doctor.

    When one feels mild fever, it is better to take the common and popular cold-headache-fever medicines available over the counter. One should avoid over exertion and take light foods and more liquid intake like warm coffee, tea etc. One should also check for any other accompanying symptoms like throat pain, body pain, stomach ache or disturbance etc. If possible, then visit a doctor after becoming better. One should tell the doctor what medicine one has taken for the headache/fever.

    For mild fevers, light black coffee with jaggery (palm jaggery) and a little quantity of pepper powder can help. It is better to sip slowly in small quantities.

    As a first aid to very high temperature, one can do wet sponging of limbs,forehead, face and back using ordinary cold water. Immediately one should visit a doctor.

  • Headache with fever should not be neglected. there may be a some specific cause . It can be due to any viral of bacteriological infection in body eg, Pneumonia, URTI, Acute pharyngitis, acute tonsillitis, Dengue, Malaria.
    so we should diagnose first . In between you can take antipyretic, analgesic and anti inflammatory group of medicine which is OTC drug , example Paracetamol 500mg , it can be taken 3 times a day 8 hrly .

  • Many times the seasonal fevers associated with cold subside with taking rest and administering mild medicines like paracetamol etc. Drinking lot of water and taking tea with ginger, pepper and basil (Tulsi) helps a lot in such conditions. If fever continues for some time and fluctuates much associated with trembling then it is advisable to visit a doctor immediately.

    Fever and headaches are not disease by themselves. In fact they are the symptoms of some ailment in the body and for identification of same one has to go through certain medical tests as prescribed by the doctor. So in case of any doubts the best thing is get tested and exclude those things.

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  • First, I want to say if anyone has a fever or a headache do not ignore them. Running a fever and experiencing headaches are two separate symptoms that are not necessarily alarming; however, fever headaches may be a sign that there's something much more serious that is causing the symptom. The combination of a headache and fever symptoms has been associated with viral infections such as influenza, as well as serious conditions like bacterial meningitis, typhoid fever and encephalitis. While enduring headaches when one is running a fever doesn't automatically mean that one is suffering from a life-threatening illness, if you're experiencing fever combined with headaches or other symptoms, consult a specialist immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.
    Most people tend to take action to relieve the symptoms, but when headache medications and fever reducers aren't working like they're supposed to, chances are, something else is causing the fever and the headaches. The illnesses that cause fever headaches can be bacterial and viral in nature, which is why it is important to know what's causing these symptoms in order to get the right treatment for the right illness.
    Relieving symptoms may not be able to help cure the underlying illness that causes them, but they can definitely help the patient feel better and more comfortable. The simplest treatment method for headaches and fever is to get some sleep. The body has a better chance of fighting off infections when it is at rest, and also, the symptoms aren't so bothersome when one is asleep. Over the counter pain and fever, medications can be taken to lower a person's temperature and relieve headaches.
    Applying the cold compress or a cool wet washrag on the forehead can also cool down a person's body temperature and relieve headache symptoms at the same time.

  • In those days we make kashayams using Adathoda leaves, pepper,coriander, jaggery (for sweetness) to control and cure the fever and headache. These are not have any side effect.These produce lot of sweat and control the body temperature.
    But nowadays you can use this as a first aid without side effect rather than any Allopathic medicine before consulting doctor. We all know the common medicine which is paracetamol have anti-pyretic, analgesic effect. Paracetamol have a common side effect so should take with Ranitidine to control Ulcer.
    But don't neglect fever and headache. These are the important symptoms to diagnose the disease. Without consulting doctor should not take any medicine.

  • As soon as you know you are going to get cold, take a Panadol and apply Vicks or Tiger balm. If you have cough, try taking Krishna Tulasi cough syrup. It is not advisable to take too much medicines unless it is actually required. Try home remedies, like giving steam to yourself, sleep well and take rest. Do not eat any sort of heavy food or those which are difficult to be digested. Have liquid or semi liquid foods. If the temperature is too much, dip a cotton cloth in water and place it on your forehead, the heat will be absorbed by the cloth. Do it three or four times. Have food and only then take Panadol. It is better not to take shower until you feel better and the temperature is gone down. If nothing of this works, consult a doctor and have antibiotics as advised by him. It is not at all safe to have medicines on your own or get some medicines as per the pharmacists instruction. Having Panadol is safe but for anything else, consult with the doctor and go as per him.

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  • Please note that injections are the last resort to be taken in case fever is so high that oral medicines cannot bring them down or oral medicines are not working at all or the patient is having to vomit due to which he is throwing out medicine the moment he is talking it. So do not take injections casually. As far as fever is concerned try not to take any paracetamol tablets like crocin for very low fever line 99 or 99.5 degrees F as far as possible if fever is not increasing. Again this is as per your own judgment. I think maximum 3 doses of paracetamol can be taken at a gap of 6 hours. Again you may confirm this from your doctor. Please be careful in case of children and consult a doctor always. Also, note that for fever medicines containing paracetamol are the safest compared to others so try to stick to that. Till the situation demands or doctor prescribes or when fever is not coming down do not take medicines containing other chemicals like Ibuprofen etc. Ibuprofen is known to have side effects and is not as advisable as paracetamol. Crocin is very popular OTC medicine for fever which has 500mg of paracetamol. Another OTC paracetamol tablet called Dolo 650 has 650 mg of paracetamol and is prescribed generally for high fevers.

    For a headache, you need to find out the reason for a headache rather than just taking a pain killer. A headache can be triggered due to several reasons like stress, lack of sleep, disturbed sleep, sun, hunger, gas/acidity etc so you should try to analyze the root cause of it and try to handle it without medicine. For example, if it is due to gas/acidity then you need to take medicines for gas/acidity rather than painkiller for a headache. For a headache also paracetamol works.

    Please note: Information provided in this answer is for broad information purpose only and not to be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before taking any kind of medicine for fever or a headache.

  • Headache with fever is nothing to be neglected. Take proper medicine by consultation of a medical practitioner. Take adequate rest and relax. Because so much of stress can cause severe headache. Fever can be viral or can cause from infection. So consult a doctor first.

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    A headache and fever may be a sign of an infection that is localized to your brain and/or spinal cord, which forms your central nervous system.

    Fever is the common virus of all human beings. The medical term of fever is pyrexia. It will find the body temperature has risen above 98.6 F and the doctor considered as fever. It controls and decreases the temperature of the body to take some remedies.


    1. We can also run a fever when we are exposed to extreme sun or heat exhaustion.
    2. When the body is attacked by viruses or other toxins the body becomes feverish.


    1. Joint pain
    2. Nausea , Headache, Sweating
    3. Sore throat
    4. Increased heart rate, Weakness and Dizziness

    Headaches are the common complaints of human's pains in head and neck. It will controls and cure the remedies in ayurvedic.


    Headache is caused by irritation or injury to pain sensing structures of the head. It can sense pain include the scalp, forehead, top of head, the muscles of the neck and head, major arteries and veins in the head, the sinuses and the tissues that surround the brain.

    1. Dizziness
    2. Eye, ear, or facial pain
    3. Changes in vision
    4. Nausea with or without vomiting

    Natural Remedies for Fever and headaches

    Ayurveda has a safe and effective to cure fever in a day. These home remedies for fever are better choice simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen and they do not have any side effects.

    1. Garlic is the best super herbs as natural remedy for Headache and fever. It is an anti bacterial and anti fungal properties to relief from cold and fever fixing superpowers.
    2. Ginger is the kitchen herbs that been used to treat fever for ancients. Loaded with the germ-fighting phyto chemical, ginger is Mother Nature remedy for bacterial and viral infections.
    3. Cinnamon is an aromatic spice is a natural antibiotic. It will deeply warming spice can soothe sore throats, and treat cough and cold.
    4. Honey is a golden gift to cure fever, headache and cold as anti bacterial, anti microbial and antioxidant properties. It is also one of the most nourishing foods to have during a fever as it is loaded with calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc.

  • Fever

    Fever is caused by many reasons. Some viruses or temperature changes or even when you injured by some wounds it will raise alarms in your body that also causes fever. Many kind of reasons for fever. To avoid viral fevers

    -> Drink boiled and cooled water.
    -> keep your home clean.
    -> Avoid outside foods mostly.


    Head ache is caused because of many kind of reasons such as work pressure, tension, When you didnt take your diet properly at time, when you are affected by cold flu and when you survive at hot noon.

    To avoid head ache find the reason for your head ache first then you can clear it easily.

    Take your diet properly at time. If you miss it the stomach creates alarm that produces head ache.

    When I was studying at college, I often feel that my head is aching. But I couldnt find the reason. It was because of not a proper diet and tension. So I tried to reduce that. Then after I started taking regular diet. stomach problems and head ache also gone.

    Keep your stomach and mind healthy to avoid head ache.

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