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    Query about scope of diploma and degree ECE

    Have a query about the scope of ECE diploma and degree course? Wondering why is is approved by AICTE/ MHRD / board of Technical Education/ Education Department? Here, on this page you can read the responses from experts and resolve your query.

    Why have AICTE and MHRD approved diploma and degree ECE professional course to be submitted to the Department of Technical Board or Board of Technical Education.

    As per our discussion if diploma ECE foes not have scope then why should this course be submitted and approved by AICTE and MHRD of technical education? Why should it also be approved by the Education Department?
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  • Electronics and Communication Engineering is a very good course. Engineers with this qualification are having very good chances for jobs. Diploma holders may get junior posts initially whereas Degree holders will get engineer post straight away. There are many private electronics companies in our country in private sector and public sector also. Diploma holders will also have some openings in these organisations. Diploma holders can try for those jobs.

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  • ECE, Electronics and Industrial electronics all have the equal level of scope. However due to lack of business startups in this domain. The students of these engineering courses are either working for low salary govt electronics firms. Or they are switching to IT companies. Diploma holders also fall into same category for these courses as engineering students.

    Scope of the entire electronics domain (ECE, IE, ETC) is specific to the companies who hire people every year. And honestly there are not much jobs. That's why many people are getting into government jobs. Telecom jobs with management specific roles etc.

    So if you are choosing to pursue career into this then it'd be reasonable to go through the route of the jobs that are good in terms of the finances.

    I suggest checking some of the following options for the scope in terms of jobs.

    1. Govt jobs with diploma and engineering requirement.
    2. IT jobs either technical or non technical.
    3. Private sector jobs regardless of your educational qualification.

    I hope this helps you get the clear focus for the diploma and engineering jobs.

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