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    Best and quick ways to create a mobile friendly blog or website

    Interested in creating a mobile friendly blog or website quickly? Looking out for concise guide and tips to make a blog suitable for viewing on a smartphone? You can read the suggestions from experts here and decide how to improve yuor blog.

    I need an informative and concise guide to making a blog or website mobile friendly. Since I have several blogs, I would like to know how to make them suitable for viewing as well as for SEO on a smart phone.
    Since the screen compresses the info viewed, what exactly should I keep in mind in terms of the content? Should I focus on font size, for example? What about ideal placement of ad units? Can you provide a useful list of parameters to keep in mind when I write content or put in an ad unit? I would prefer a crisp, concise & quick guide and not lengthy explanations.
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  • I have gone through some tips and tricks in this context and like to share them here.

    The font size and button size matter a lot. It is recommended to have a font size of at least 14 px. If there are some text parts which are of not much significance we can use 12 px for them. As far as the button size is concerned it should be such that a person can easily activate it with his fingers otherwise it creates a lot of inconvenience for the user to select it accurately. In case of buttons the best recommendation is made by Apple as per which it should be at least 44 px X 44 px.

    Another aspect is scaling of content on a mobile device screen. It is very important as it will use the space optimally. One method in html for this is to use 'viewport' and declare it in the beginning in Head statement in the following manner :
    metaname="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Among all the blogs that I have seen and written I have experienced that Wordpress is the best for all the platforms. In mobile version as the contents get compressed, it automatically adjusts the view accordingly, the only thing that I make sure is that the word limit shouldn't exceed 300, as with more word limits it gets uncomfortable to read from a mobile and now since everything is at the tip of the finger.

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  • I assume that when it comes to making blog or website you're choosing CMS option for making them. CMS here refers to software such as WordPress, Joomla. If you are choosing not to use CMS then you have frameworks such as "bootstrap" and "Foundation". Those two CSS frameworks allow you to make the mobile friendly and the responsive layout. You can make the single page or the blogs out them.

    If you choose to go through the CMS route then you have WordPress responsive theme and the same can be said about other CMS such as joomla, drupal, ghost and others. Depending on how you choose to work around the blog and the website things may differ for sure. There are lot of options with WordPress. So you can either go with the free or paid framework for making website or the blog responsive.

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