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    Career options after 10th class

    Confused about the career paths after 10th class? Looking out for the best degrees, colleges, and career scopes? Find advice from experts here and resolve your worries.

    Can you give me the different career paths available after 10th class and best colleges/Institutions? Also let me know the job opportunities after those career paths?

    Please give me the different career paths available after 10th class and best colleges/Institutions.

    Thanks for the guidance,
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  • Basically the performance of an individual in his Class 10 would be the primary deciding factor for his career path. After class 10 only, you can opt for Science, Humanities or Commerce in Class 12 which would lead you to the career settlement as an Engineer or a Medical professional or a Cost accountant or in teaching profession/other professions. In fact, this would be a hypothetical question just like thinking about the top of the hill by standing at its bottom instead of trying to climb it.

    Well, you can try for the three year Diploma course, also known as Polytechnic through an entrance examination conducted by the respective state Governments, if you are interested in professional courses. After completing the Diploma course, you can try for a job based on your family need, else you can join the B Tech/BE II year in the relevant branch through lateral entry. You have to face a Common entrance Examination for that which would be conducted by a designated body by the respective state Governments. Also there are so many avenues for apprenticeship in Medical and other fields such as Radiographer, Lab technician etc for those who completed Class 10.

    If you want to settle well, then go for Intermediate/Class 11&12 and choose a stream of your choice such as MPC/BiPC/CEC/MEC etc and appear for various Entrance examinations like IIT JEE/NEET etc and try you luck with good performance.


  • As I see at your question, I perceive three paths for you.
    1. Joining in a good junior college by taking either MP/BiP/MEC as your group basing on your interest. Once you complete your Intermediate, you choose the course you like basing on the intermediate group. If you passed with MP you can go for Engineering courses. If you passed with BPC you can go for MBBS or if you passed with MEC you can go for CA. Otherwise, you can choose any other graduation course.
    2. You can opt now itself Diploma course in Engineering which is 3 years course. After completing this you can go for a job. You can study Engineering degree part-time or full time. 3 years course.
    3. You can join in ITI and you can go for the job with that qualification.
    To have a better job and good position it is advisable to join in intermediate and then engineering stream or medical stream can be selected.
    All depends on your personal interest and your performance. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • After class 10 you are having various options and that could be a root cause of your confusion.

    First of all let us find out what is your interest, what is your aptitude and which particular branch of study fascinates you much. If you are interested in the world of science - astronomy, medical science, physics, chemistry, geology, botany, zoology, computers, engineering and things like that then you must go for science stream in your intermediate and try for admission in an engineering or medical college or even a technical college for special technical diploma or degree.

    On the other hand if you feel that science is very tough and challenging for you but history, geography, social sciences, literature fascinates you then go for humanities. In that case you will have a different type of career like teaching in colleges or universities or appearing in competitive examinations for administrative services.

    Commerce and finance have emerged as the very interesting and remunerative careers and for that one has to take admission in commerce stream after class 10. There are careers in chartered accountancy and posts in finance offices in various organisations.

    Indian navy, air force and army is another field where many youngsters are willing to go and serve their country. If you are interested in this line than after class 12 you will have to appear for the all India tests for the careers in this line.

    With economic and industrial growth in the country the lawyers are also being employed by various organisations and corporate. You can think about this arena also if you feel some liking to that profession.

    The job position is not comfortable in our country and whatever line you choose whether it is your interest area or not you will find tough competition everywhere. So the key to success is hard work, focused approach and determined dedication in your efforts.

    Why I am stressing on this is even if you are going to open a shop after completing your education you will find that whichever area you choose for your shop there are already plenty operating and some of them are not happy with their earnings. So you have to use your young age for full efforts and not waste this precious time in any other activity which is not going to help us in making our career.

    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It is really a difficult task for a student of class 10 to foresee all of his future options and decide himself about it. That is the reason why he has to take guidance from his elders.
    After class 10 there are many streams one can choose like science, commerce and humanities. If you are not interested in higher academics or courses you have a subtle option of going for some diploma course directly after class 10 by joining a polytechnic or technical institution. This is basically a skill oriented course and there will be still options for higher education after that.
    This is a quick way to get a job or become self employed by learning the practical trades.
    As country is going through a massive economic growth and manufacturing activities the job position is going to be better in coming times.
    If you are continuing your education by taking science , commerce or humanities in your intermediate course then there are immense opportunities for applying for engineering or medical or CA etc.
    If you are continuing your education to post graduation or doctoral level then you will have option for appearing in entrance examinations for state and national level administrative services as well as applying for executive positions in PSUs and also trying to get lecturer ship in so many colleges or universities either on ad hoc basis or through national level examinations.
    So do not get confused just choose your path and work on laboriously to achieve your targets. No doubt it is a long journey from class 10 to a career but those who start their journey with determination reach the destinations. The mantra is to pursue the goals continuously in a steady pace. There is a saying - Slowly and steadily wins the race.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You have put us through a difficult question. To advise you better on your career options, we should know about you, like your interests and caliber. Generally speaking there are many courses and career options available. You need to find your passion and accordingly choose your career. Similarly only you will know your subject of interest, select a course related to it so that you can excel in it. If you are interested in numbers and money, go for commerce and be an accountant, chartered accountant, ICWA etc. If you like to be in the army, any degree will help. To be an engineer, select science stream in XI. Choose the preferred stream of engineering after XII. Mechanical, Aeronautical, Civil, Marine, Electronics and telecommunication engineer etc. If you are a good at music then take a graduation in music. If your interest is to be a nurse, take science stream and go for Msc. nursing. It is a highly paid job especially in western countries. If you want to be a government servant, write PSC tests and if you want to be a particular officer, study the degree associated with it.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

  • It is better to go for junior college or 12th standard which will be a foundation for your career path. While selecting course in 12th standard you can choose any one from the below
    a. Maths, Physics, Chemistry
    b. Physics, Chemistry, Biology
    c. Commerce Group

    If you chose Maths, Physics and Chemistry in your 12th standard, you can choose Engineering course in any of the subjects as you interested like Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and so on. This is a 4 year course and you will be an Engineering Graduate with good scope in your area of interest.

    If you choose Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th standard, you can try for Medical Course like MBBS.

    If you choose commerce in 12th standard, you can do B.Com which is a 3 year course and you can go for M.Com also if you are interested to go for Post graduation.

    Otherwise, you can do C.A to become an auditor. For this you have to do lot of effort to complete the course.

    So it is a life turning point based on your decision. Once you choose any course, it is better to travel in that ways and should not come back. Otherwise, it will ruin your career path and time.

  • Hello Author,
    I know it's dilemma to what to get into after your schooling because i also confused a lot what to choose after my 10th standard. When I was out of school all my relatives and my teachers only showed me the path for either Engineering or Medicine. Our education system is only carved for techie's and doctors. Even people around you portray that Math and science are the only subjects which can shape your career.
    But there are various other conventional courses which are coming into light. After my 10th standard i have chosen Humanities for my eleventh and twelfth standards and I prepared for law entrance examinations.
    I feel following the traditional method of choosing your career based upon your math and science marks is blindness.
    Here are the list of courses and exams which can help you to choose career after your schooling:
    1. Common Law Admission Test
    2.Symbiosis Entrance Test
    3. Christ University Entrance Test
    4. You can choose BBA for business career and opt for commerce subjects in your 11th and 12th
    5. Delhi University gives you a lot of courses for your under-graduation
    6. Tata Institute of social Sciences.
    I guess the above things would help you to choose your career.
    And the only thing i can say is Do what your passion and don't waste your life choosing which is uninterested for you.

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