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    Admission procedure for NRI students in DU

    Want to take admission in DU? Searching for the detailed procedure about where and when to fill the admission form? You can check out the responses from experts on this page and get answers to all your questions.

    I am a NRI student currently studying in Nepal in class 12 from an Indian Board (CBSE). I aspire to take admission in SRCC i.e, DU. Where and how should I fill my form for admission? Is it to be filled with Indian students i.e in June or with foreign students in January?
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  • You are not considered as a foreign student. You are treated as an Indian only. There are some seats reserved for NRIs. You may be considered for that seats. You have to apply with Indian students in June. They will mention in those applications about NRIs separately. You can look into it.

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  • India is having a open border system with Nepal and no VISA is required between the two. The students of Nepal or Nepalese studying in India can apply anywhere in India without any problem.

    Only thing is there are many institutions and colleges who insist that Nepal students should have a valid citizenship certificate of Nepal or a passport from Nepal Govt. This is simply required to avoid fraudulent practices by non-Nepalese persons.

    In fact in 2016 Govt of India took a decision to allow induction of Nepalese students in IITs. The Indian embassy in Nepal also gives scholarships to some of the Nepalese students. So Nepalese students have a lot of scope for completing their education in India.

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  • 1. You have yourself stated that you are a Non-Resident Indian (NRI). As you are an Indian (although non-resident), you have to apply along with other Indian students.

    2. You have also stated that you have been studying in CBSE. The XIIth Board examination conducted by CBSE will be held in March and the result will be declared in May. So, you can easily apply for admission in SRCC under Delhi University in June along with other Indian students.

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  • With Nepal Govt of India has certain treaties and memorandum of understanding. As per that the students of Nepal can apply in Indian colleges or institutions.
    Only thing is they will have to show their identity verification through the documents as given to them by Govt of Nepal.
    There are lot of encouraging steps taken by Indian embassy in this regard and they offer scholarship also to some of them.
    There are a large number of Nepalese student studying in India and also equally large number working here.

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  • There is a momerundum of understanding between the Government of Nepal and India with respect to admission to Nepalese students in different colleges existing in India. From your query, your place of origin is not indicated. In Nepal, there are Hindus having identical culture being followed in our country and if you fall to this category, you will certainly having some reservation quota fixed for admission in NRI category. You may refer to details of admission available in the Indian Universities for the students belonging to NRI quota.
    Time to time such quotas are reviewed by the authorities in order to accommodate NRI.
    In case, you belong to Indian origin, you will be enjoying the same privilege as other students of this country are enjoying.

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