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    Need medicine for Apthous ulcer

    Are you suffering from Apotheus ulcer? Looking out for remedies to cure this ulcer? Here, you can read the medical advice by experts and get a cure for your suffering.

    Need medicine for Apthous ulcer.
    Now I am taking Equirex and Goldcal tab 2 b.d. and Pan D empty stomach but no relief.
    I have this problem since 10th class and is recurrent after 1 year. That time I used to take Riconia Cap 2 b.d after meal.
    Can I take Reconia tab now? I have indigestion problem. Doctor told me it's because of anxiety. I have done whole body test include iron and thyroid. But was detected with only 1 mm one gallstone.
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  • Aphthous ulcers better known as Canker sores are small, shallow lesions that develop on the soft tissues in the mouth or near the base of gums. Aphthous ulcers will not occur on the surface of lips and they aren't contagious
    Topical tetracyclines may reduce the severity of ulceration, but they do not alter the recurrence rate. A doxycycline capsule of 100 mg in 10 mL of water administered as a mouth rinse for 3 minutes or tetracycline 500 mg plus nicotinamide 500 mg administered 4 times daily may provide relief and reduce ulcer duration. Avoid tetracyclines in children younger than 12 years who might ingest them and develop tooth staining.
    Chlorhexidine gluconate and bioadhesive (Gelclair) mouth rinses reduce the severity and pain.
    This is the general treatment. But in your case, you say it is reoccurring. I advise sincerely, to consult a doctor and then decide on the course of action.

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  • Aphthous ulcer can be treated with antibiotics. Only thing is whether it suits to you or not in the sense that they have side effects also.

    Have you got yourself tested for allergy from foods. There are certain foods which cause allergy of various forms in the body. You can consult a physician regarding this.

    As per Ayurveda in this condition one should avoid chilli and pepper and also avoid mental stress. It is also mentioned that one should avoid citrus and acidic fruits.

    Anyway one should consult a good doctor who can advise a holistic approach to manage this disease.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Firstly, don't be worried, it would not help you as Aphthous ulcers are related to stress also. These are common in the oral cavity and are associated with lack of trace elements and certain nutrients and many, many other causes.

    Most often, these ulcers settle down with or without treatment in a few weeks and can be recurrent. See a good internal medicine physician who can assess you to rule out the major diseases related to lack of immunity.

    Treatment is mostly symptomatic starting from creams that are safe to be applied in the mouth, they include a combination of oral barriers creams to cover the ulcer and reduce the pain and simple antibiotic creams. Many doctors prescribe vitamin tablets and iron supplements but there is no dramatic improvement.

    So please focus on reducing your stress and anxiety levels.
    See a good physician, most aphthous ulcers are troublesome but not dangerous and follow his advise.
    Maintain good hydration.
    Avoid oral trauma by changing sharp toothbrushes and strong toothpaste.
    If possible avoid tongue cleaners or vigorous tongue cleaning.
    You can take Reconia or any good brand of trace element and vitamin supplements.
    Keep your lips moist with a good vaseline cream and if your are mouth breather, change this practice.

  • Apthous ulcer usually happens due to abdominal discomfort. It is associated with altered bowl habit and constipation which usually found while travelling and stressful situation.
    You should take tab folic acid 5mg once a day for 5 day and smiley like gel local application for pain relief and anta acid. You should drink plenty of water at bedtime and avoid spicy food.

    If still it persist than you should consult Doctor.

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