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    Education gap and no networking job experience

    Interested in getting a job in the networking domain? Wondering what to do in case of education gap and no work experience? You can read the advice and suggestions from experts here and resolve your queries.

    My age is 32 and I have completed my 10th in 2002, 12th in 2008, graduation in 2012 and PG in 2017. I have done CCNA and Microsoft server 2008 certifications.
    Can I get job as IT network administrator without experience? I have a long education gap, so what should I do?
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  • Networking, IT Tech support usually don't look for the educational qualifications much during the initial jobs. You have to however take experience in few companies for longer time to cover up for this lost time. So this is completely possible as I have seen many people working with huge educational gap. I suggest starting with any small scale company where they can get you hired for the networking job. You have a huge educational gap. Try to put some experience of other company or the reference in between even if it's not related to networking. That should clear up the confusion of the gap. And hopefully it helps you land the job in those places. There are some of the companies into the tech support and the call center where you can join. And that should get you some headstart.

  • With so much gap getting in to a big company is very difficult. You can try in small companies. Once you get in a small company join and put up at least 2 to3 years experience. Once you have the experience, much problem may not be there for getting a job in a good company . You may get a job in a call center also.

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  • The long gap is going to be a negative point but if you are in touch with your academic things which means you can work what you know in this area then there will not be any difficulty for you to make out the lost time in due course.

    Of course you will have to start from a small company and should not be much concerned for remuneration. By gaining some experience in small companies you can take advantage of that experience to switch to better companies. One thing which you must consider and follow is that you will have to do extra efforts and may be some home work also to catch up with your contemporaries who have already learned a lot in the industry. IT is still a very fast growing area and new things are replacing the older ones in a fast pace.

    So with hard work and dedication you can still reach your goals which you once envisioned.

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  • The long educational gap is certainly a problem. Companies accept only if you have a valid reason for the educational gap. Regarding job as Network administrator without experience, you could join as fresher in small startup companies. You will get more exposure and can learn more things in small companies. After gaining good experience in the same organization for nearly 2years you can get job in the big companies with the gained experience.

  • You can get a job in the networking field with these qualifications, especially because you have CCNA. You will have to join as a fresher to do basic networking jobs. As you have a long gap and do not have any experience in the field, you will not be directly selected for any good posts. After working for 2-3 years, gain experience and prove yourself so that you will be eligible for promotions and better employment opportunities. Try to get into a job before your CCNA card expires and also do some additional technical courses relating to networking, which will make you a better candidate for a networking job. Try to get into a MNC or a popular firm when you start so that you can build your career path. Having worked in a reputed company will be an added advantage when searching for another job. While preparing your CV mention that you have 1 year experience in networking or so. White lies are fine if it is for your benefit and if it causes harm to none.

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  • I would suggest the following points so that you get a Job:-
    1) Please get basic knowledge from standard books and apply for every opportunity that you find on the internet.
    2) Pursue whatsoever job you get in the sector and then start preparing for some networking certification because that helps to get recognition.
    3) Big MNC usually hire fresh graduates for fresher position and you may not be eligible for the same and by following the above points you would certainly get into it later.
    4) You can even join as a technical care executive where they have training for desktop maintenance and through internal job posting join the company technical wing.
    5) As a fresher please learn and work with perseverance to achieve your goal and certainly you would succeed.

  • I think that the fact that has little or no work experience at all should be scary to a newcomer to the business world. A lot of people would be pleased to know that some large companies are now hiring graduates and aspiring employees for the jobs that have a learning curve. But they are willing to give them a chance and educate them in the workplace. Also, you could fill a gap in your resume with the volunteering job or internship. It is best to take advice from the professionals and career advisors. I myself had my resume written by the Best Of Writers service online.

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