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    Missing one letter in father's name in documents

    Having a typo error in any document like marksheets/ PAN card/ AAdhar card? Worried whether it will create any issue in document verification? Find advice from experts here and resolve your worries.

    I am really concerned and need your advice.
    A letter is missing in my father's name in my graduation marksheet while in all the other documents like 10th, 12th, PAN card and Aadhar card it is correct.
    Will it cause any problem while applying for any job? Or what should I do to correct it?
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  • This is a mistake committed by your college or university. During admission into the college you might have submitted your certificates to them in which the name of your father is correctly spelled. The have done the mistake while copying the name. Now you approach your college administration department and submitted a request in writing to correct your father's name. In your application you clearly mention that I have submitted the following documents in which my father's name is correctly spelled. But you have written the father name wrongly and asked them to correct t it give you a fresh certificate with correct name. They will get it done through university and give you. There will not be much problem.

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  • I am asking if it is OK I don't change it and whether it is OK if I keep as it is as only one letter is missing in only one document?

  • In the days when work was mostly done by humans, such small mistakes were never taken serious,if other things are correct and genuine.
    However in the present days of computer verification, the verification comparison goes alphabet by alphabet or number by number and even space and dots even. Hence even such small'inadvertent' errors can land us in problems. This may happen when we try to get a visa or go for some facilities in a foreign country.

    In our country for most general matters if the name is phonetically okay and the mistakes happen in transliteration from one language to another, usually if other supporting documents are okay, that also gets passed.

    But as an abundant caution, I suggest you to get it corrected if possible through your college and university at the earliest, so that you can sit confidently without any fear.

  • When you apply for a job it won't create much problem as they concentrate more on details like marks, grade and your name. Apart from that when you go for visa stamping it obviously creates a problem. So better go to the respective university, submit a request letter at the earliest. As the Universities obviously won't process your request as soon as you submit the request. So better get it done before it turns to be essential for you.

  • You take up this matter with college or university authorities and apply for this correction giving the supporting documents like Aadhaar card or PAN card of your father. They will take some time and issue you a corrected mark sheet.
    This is essential for you to get it done otherwise whenever you are applying for higher education or job you will be in problem at the time of document verification.
    Whether it is your mistake or the mistake on the part of the college this correction is required to be done at the earliest.

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  • Please check your Registration and Admit Card of Graduation. If your father's name is correctly mentioned in those documents, then the typographical error in mark-sheet was made by the University. In that case, a simple application will sort out the issue.

    If your father's name is wrongly mentioned in every document relating to Graduation, then you have to submit a detailed application submitting the copy of documents indicating the correct name of your father. If you have done your Graduation recently, then the University will do the necessary rectification.

    If the university declines to rectify the mistake, you have to sign an affidavit before a first-class magistrate of your city indicating the correct name of your father and publish classified advertisements in one English and in one vernacular newspaper. You are required to preserve the affidavit and advertisement permanently.

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